Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Po Poury

We're just in from runnin' the day's errands and I almost put the top down for today's journey about town.  Almost, but not quite.  It was 57 degrees outside when I set out and my threshold for al fresco motoring is 65 degrees.  Close, but no cigar...


Part o' the day's errands was to stop by the Super-Save for to re-stock the larder.  I noticed the in-house tortilla factory was in full swing when I arrived and politely inquired of the tortilla ladies if I might could snap their picture?  "Why certainly!" was the reply, after a semi-suspicious inquiry as to what I was gonna do with the photos.  I told the ladies they were gonna be blog fodder and then had to explain exactly what a blog is.  (sigh) The Younger Generation is supposed to be "with it," except when they're not.  But... herewith the Tortilla Girls:

It turned out that one photo wasn't enough, the young lady on the left insisted I take another pic of her and her co-worker... so, bein' the cooperative sort I AM... I obliged.  They wanted to see the results and exclaimed "¡Oh! ¡Qué bonita!"



I've never served on a jury.  But that doesn't mean I haven't been summoned to serve and I received another such summons from the Good People of Polk County, Texas in yesterday's mail.  I made a phone call this morning to the county clerk to politely inform her I was no longer a resident of her fair county but before I could get the words out of my mouth she said to just ignore the summons seein' as how I was an Escapee.  Which is par for the course.  I've received three such summons during the past ten years and was always excused, given the fact that Escapees (the name of my RV club, headquartered in Livingston, Texas) are almost always somewhere other than Livingston.  I was somewhat wistful during our conversation when I realized this particular phone call was prolly the last item on my relocation agenda and the last remaining tie to the RV life.  Once again: sigh.


And now I think it's time to crack a beer, head out to the verandah, and finish the cigar I lit when I set out on my errands.  It might have been too cold for top-down motoring but  it ain't too cold for beer drinkin' on the verandah.  In proper attire, of course.


  1. Near my mom's house in WF is a large Mexican grocery store. While in WF Monday, we ate at the taqueria there. It was yummy. Then we went back to the meat department and bought some chorizo and "Mexican bacon."

    Today was just gorgeous here.

    vw: toctizes - when you try to have tact, but it gets stuck somewhere near your tonsils.

  2. Oh man, those two would be a party! I don't know if you've ever had sex with plump lesbians before, but they have more sex toys then we even know exist.

    Go for it!

  3. I had jury duty last year, but never made it to a trial. When they asked me five questions, I said it was none of their business.

    One question was "what religion are you?" the other was "do you believe in the death penalty?"

    When they did the jury rejection, my name was the first called. Which was kind of dumb for them, as I'm Roman Catholic and I believe in killing even burglars.

    This country has gone down the drain.

  4. Off topic as all hell, but I thought of you while reading this.

  5. You have friendly and good-looking tortilla gals, which is a good thing, of course. And not having to do jury duty is another good thing. Then there's the cigar, and the beer, and the (relatively) warm weather. I applaud your blessings!

  6. Lou: I've known about the Super-Save, which is the P-Ville version of a large Mexican grocery, since I first came to Portales but have only recently began shopping there. My Bad for ignoring them for so long... it's a GREAT store.

    I don't know if you've ever had sex with plump lesbians before...

    And you never will know, Anon. A gentleman doesn't tell. ;-)

    Anon2: The country HAS gone down the tubes... but aren't those standard jury questions, regardless of the fact they're really no one's bid'niz?

    Inno: I read the Air Force magazine article linked in your piece; thanks for the link. Pretty amazing stuff, eh?

    Jim: I WAS feeling pretty blessed yesterday.

  7. Those are some mighty tasty looking tortillas!

    My girls still get summoned to jury duty, and haven't lived here since 2004!


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