Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I'm Glad THAT'S Over...

... but not as glad as Iowans.  I have an ol' AF buddy who lives in Iowa; he e-mailed yesterday and said he unplugged his land-line because of all the robocalls.  It ain't really over, we're just changing venues with barely a week's respite until we do it again.  But at least Red Eye is on tonight.

I'm almost resigned to Romney, btw.  Santorum is as flaky as Gingrich but without the brains.


  1. We too have friends in Iowa - Des Moines to be exact. Ground Zero for this sort of thing.

    Even worse for them - they are die-hard democrats. Their Facebook posts of late have been rather - whiny.

  2. Kind of like watching Reality TV. At least I could enjoy the Iowa drama without having to put up with Kim Kardashian. E pluribus Santorum. EFH

  3. I did some reading on Santorum this afternoon. Like all the candidates, there are things I like, and things that make one eyebrow go up. Then I heard on NPR the White House and Dems are pretty darn sure (my words) that the GOP candidate will be Romney. They are probably in conspiracy with the Media.

  4. I have little doubt it will be Romney. I'd prefer Paul, but I'm a whackjob Libertarian, as you know. Anyway, as much as I admire Paul, Romney is about the only one without some major disabling embarrassment factor. He'll get the nomination and I'll be bored to death by he and Obama exchanging platitudes.

  5. Kris: Aren't Dems always whiny?

    EFH: The Iowa drama got old after the first month.

    Lou: I'm pretty sure Romney will be the nominee, too. He's the least-worst and all that.

    Jim: I have my Libertarian bent, as well, but I just can't get behind Ron Paul.

  6. Well, you and I do have a difference of opinion concerning foreign policy, and I suspect that's where we part on Paul. It's cool. We can still be buddies. Of all the folks I have disagreements with politically, and they are legion, I may have the most respect for you.

    I mean that. You play nice and stick to the issues. You're a gentleman (as much as it probably pains you to have someone actually call you that in public.)

  7. You're partially correct: it IS Paul's foreign policy that gives me heartburn. But there's also that newsletter thang, which ain't pretty and which Paul hasn't explained to my satisfaction.

    As for bein' called a "gentleman?" That doesn't bother me as much as it used to, like when there was that association with the old "officer and a gentleman" thang. We were VERY class-concious at that point in time.


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