Thursday, January 05, 2012

Not to Flog Dead Draft Animals...

... but there's this, from the Usual Source:

And there's more than a lil bit o' truth there, too.


  1. This is the big problem, isn't it? I will fully support any Republican candidate for President because another 4 years of Obama is horrible to contemplate.

    Romney has been running for President for 5 years now. He never really stopped from when McLame won the nomination. Yet far too many see him as Obama lite, or Dole/McLame redo.

    Obamacare is already hurting this economy and most of the really turdtastic stuff hasn't kicked in yet. And Romney is not going to overturn it. It is his Romneycare on a National level, and it ain't working.

    Romney is for gun control. No different than all these other liberals. It isn't about "protecting" the people, its about protecting themselves because the way things are going revolution is going to be the last means to stop this mess we are in. Tough to do that without guns.

    Gun sales are up. Any wonder why?

    I'd vote for Mickey Mouse over Obama. But Romney is just a slower moving version of the current regime.

    It shows by how desperately the voters are trying to find someone other than Romney. After all this time, if he hasn't gotten any higher than he is now, it is telling how poor a candidate he is, and how poorly he is viewed by the majority of conservatives.


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