Thursday, January 05, 2012

Poor Purée

This title thang can't go on much longer, as there are very few options in this space and I may have exhausted the two available.  I'm open to suggestions, should you have any.

It's official:  I am now an IE9 kinda guy, totally.  Dude.  I was running IE on the desktop and Firefox on the laptop, but FF has this annoying habit of locking up from time to time for no apparent reason and nothing... repeat, NOTHING... seems to cure that, even a full system reboot.  So, we've shown the fiery lil fox the door.  Welcome home, Mr. Gates.

One thang that does annoy me about IE, though: no built-in spell checker.  I'm in the running for Typo King and I'll miss FF's squiggly red underline when my fingers miss the correct key.  OTOH, there may be add-ins available for IE.  We will look when motivation gets high enough.


I've taken to leaving a large pot o' water simmering on the stove of late for to increase the relative humidity indoors; that works and works well.  I also "season" the simmering water with powdered cloves, which gives the house a nice fresh smell and serves to hide other odors that MIGHT tend to incriminate me should the landlord or his designated representative pop in.  The downside is the pot is devilishly difficult to clean, given powdered cloves leave one hellaciously tenacious residue in the pot.  It took me 20 minutes and one half of an SOS pad to get that job done this morning.  There's a price for everythang in this life, I suppose.


No outdoor Happy Hour today.  It's warm enough but the wind she is howling.  Literally.  I documented said howls here, if'n you don't believe me or have forgotten.  It's not a pleasant experience to sit on the verandah in that sorta wind.

So... it looks like our pot is poured.  It's a slow day at El Casa Inmóvil de Pennington.


  1. Sorry about your wind. We're enjoying similar temps

  2. STUFF/ STUFFS/ Heep/ whatever/ whatevha/ junk/ junk draw/

    Just gotta get a little creative and we'll get the point. ;)

  3. Has your cigars been lighting themselves inside? :)

  4. Next time get whole cloves and whole cinnamon sticks. Get a metal tea bag and put the cloves in to keep them corralled and just drop the cinnamon sticks in whole. Way easier clean-up

  5. Firefox does not give me any problems, and I need the spell check desperately. We have had some near perfect days this past week.

    I also thought whole cloves would work better. Or get a pot specifically for the clove boiling and never clean it.

  6. HC is exactly correct on simmering spices, or just burn a chai-scented candle. Hmmm, do they have cinnamon or clove-scented cigars?

    I've never had a bit of trouble with Firefox; I love my Firefox...and I just couldn't give up the Firefox add-on persona that I found to customize my browser window.

  7. A slow day - is still a good day. Our temps are in the low 40s today; continuing our unseasonably warm trend this year. Earlier this week it was in the 20s during the day - which is more along the lines of what it should be.

  8. "Random Junk," "Untitled," "Blah Blah Blah."

    Hey Buck, thanks for reminding me I was gonna switch to IE. FF is really becoming a pain with the continual "not responding" junk.

    Imma do it today.

    Hey, check this out. Could be a possibilite.

  9. Skip: Not as sorry as me, methinks. ;-)

    Anon: Thank ya, Sir/Ma'am.

    Has your cigars been lighting themselves inside? :)

    Spontaneous cigar combustion IS sumthin' of a problem durin' winter, ss. Thank The Deity At Hand they only burst into flame one at a time.

    HC: I looked for whole cloves before buying the powdered sort (in two places!), but apparently they aren't available in P-Ville. I did find cinnamon sticks, though.

    Lou: I used to have a potpourri pot, just for this purpose... but it went in the Great Goin' Out o' Bid'niz sale.

    Hmmm, do they have cinnamon or clove-scented cigars?

    They DO make clove cigarettes, Red; I used to smoke a pack of 'em occasionally, back in the day. I've never seen a clove-flavored cigar, though.

    Kris: Yer right about slow days. And you shouldn't complain about yer WX!

    Ed: Heh.

    Andy: That "not responding" crap is EGG-ZACTLY why I switched. I downloaded Speckie and it's even better than FF's spell-check, coz you can larn it new words. Thanks!

  10. No problem, Buck.

    I'm working on swapping everything from FF to IE right now. Haven't downloaded specki yet.

    Having some trouble with Fireshot. FF had the built in screengrab, so I downloaded Fireshot (which I had also used with FF), but I can't seem to figure out how to access it from a web page. IE is foreign to me now. On FF, there was a little button on the toolbar...can't find access on IE. Will look further, I guess.

    What are you going to use for screenshots?

  11. BTW, I just downloaded speckie, and it works just fabrulous!

  12. Youse guys no likee CHROME? I'd think you'd look at it before IE if leaving FF..

  13. Buck - not complaining, per se. Just observing that it's not cold like it should be.

    And we know that I like the cold, being asthmatic and all. Or let's say that I prefer the cold to all this up and down WX crap we've had for months.

  14. Good on you for getting a little more moisture in the air! I was gonna recommend whole cloves and cinnamon sticks, too. I betcha the Big Brown Truck would deliver whole cloves to your door for a price.


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