Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mixed Emotions

The NHL announced the All-Star game roster today, about which, this:
Added to the roster Thursday were five goaltenders, among them the Red Wings' Jimmy Howard, who leads the League in wins, and the Blues' Brian Elliott, who is second in the League in goals-against average and save percentage.
I mentioned the fact that Howard wasn't even on the All-Star ballot some time ago and expressed my outrage in a suitable manner.  That oversight's been rectified but I still have some outrage left:  Nick Lidstrom is NOT on the All-Star roster and that is unforgivable.  How the league justifies omitting a six-time Norris Trophy winner, currently ranked #14 among the NHL's 274 active defensemen, is beyond me.  Yeah, I know:  I'm a Homer.  But, seriously?  Dustin Byfuglien (-8 on the season, so far) gets in and Nick doesn't?  WTF?

Well, at least Pavel made the cut.  I suppose I should be grateful.  (/sarcasm) 


  1. Not that I'm saying Lidstrom shouldn't be there, because I honestly have no idea what kind of season he is having, but his six Norris trophies have exactly zero relevance to his selection to the All-Star team on this or any other given year. The All-Star game is not a lifetime achievement party.

    Which isn't exactly comforting when you see guys like Ovechkin on the roster, obviously only there because of how he has played in the past.

    The whole thing's a mess. My homer position on that is seeing Ryan O'Reilly snubbed. Easily one of the best players in the league, but without the numbers to get him on the ballot.

  2. I agree with your point on this: The whole thing IS a mess, mainly due to ballot-box stuffing, which is rampant (FIVE Sens? ANY Leaf, other than Kessel?). There surely must be a better way. And Nick is having a good year this year, as noted (I gave ya a link). This ain't a "Lifetime Achievement Award" thing.

  3. Five Sens. Seriously. It's a pretty crappy situation. All-Star games always seem to be. I don't think any professional sport is happy about the way these things work.

  4. I'm too sad, grieving the end of the college football season to be aboe to focus on any other sport. Until Saturday, that it, when our Saints will whup up on the San Francisco Goldiggers.

  5. *able

    Blogger seems to have it in for me today.

  6. I'm looking for the article that said he (Lidstrom) told B. Shanahan he'd rather not be selected because he wants the weekend off to rest...

    Remember the year he had to sit a game after the break because he didn't partake of the festivities?

    I felt the same way you did until I read the article...

    Bottom line: WE know how great he is...and that no way that FIVE Sens belong there!

    My .02$


  7. Moogie: I'll award you a dispensation, seein' as how I KNOW you aren't a hockey fan.

    Andy: Yeah, the all-star selection process sucks everywhere.

    Buck: I didn't know Nick had asked to be left out, but that makes sense. He IS an old man. ;-)

  8. Well, Howard and Thomas should be in opposite nets at some point, and that's fitting. Of course, this isn't a game even remotely kind to goaltenders, as you know.

  9. Jim: in re: opposite nets... mebbe, mebbe not. Aren't they still goin' with the "captains choose the teams" format?


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