Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Deity At Hand

Longtime readers here at EIP know the post title is my way of referring to the Supreme Being, whose existence I acknowledge with the express caveat that I'm not sure what his or her name is.  I'm also fond o' sayin' that I hope the Supreme Being is a goddess and her name is Phoebe or Athena or something like that.  And I'm only half-joking... I'm pretty partial to the old gods and goddesses.  Thor would be in the running, too, for that matter.

But we digress.  I'm adding another candidate to the Deity Pool... this guy:

The 'toon came to me by way of a "special edition" of  Cigar Journal that was bundled along with this month's cigar re-supply.  Ya gotta like this deity's style.


  1. I can imagine the kind of church we'd need for this deity. Smoky atmosphere, liquor, neon. Just like a bar. I remember worshipping in a few of those places in my time. Still, I think I'd like the goddess thing better. And I'll end this comment right now as I'm starting to imagine what kind of worship ritual would take place in a goddess tabernacle. I think the old Greeks and Romans had some of those places.

  2. Perfect cartoon for you, Buck. You should frame this one. After all, isn't heaven supposed to be a place where we happily enjoy whatever makes us happy?

  3. It is funny what people think God cares about.

  4. Why not? The Supreme Being is omniscient, isn't he/she?

    And, what Red said.

  5. I know that guy... the one talking

  6. I remember worshipping in a few of those places in my time.

    Heh. Me too, Dan, but not recently. S'funny what old age does to ya, innit?

    After all, isn't heaven supposed to be a place where we happily enjoy whatever makes us happy?

    I thought there were 71 Virginians involved (give or take a few), too. I'm not sure THAT would make me happy, but I get yer point!

    Lou: Indeed.

    The Supreme Being is omniscient, isn't he/she?

    So I'm told, Moogie. There are times I think The Deity At Hand is clueless, though.

    Skip: The skeptical guy or the guy who didn't drive fast? I've known a few tee-totaling slow-movers in my time, too.

  7. Y'know what? I misread the caption as< "I don't."
    I don't know the guy after all

  8. IRRC it was Mark Twain who made teh point that he wasn't in any hurry to get to heaven as it appeared it lacked everything he enjoyed here on Earth--cigars, booze, fornication, etc. LOL!

    Also not to be missed is Twain's work "Letters From Earth" a satirical and deeply cynical commentary on man, God and religion in the form of a series of letters from the archangel Satan to Gabriel and Michael up in Heaven about the "curiosities of earthly life." My best remembered quote from Satan reporting on the doings & beliefs of earthlings (paraphrase--been decades): "And get this, they really think they look like God!"

  9. Virgil: Twain is in my B-rank of heroes, for many reasons... not the least o' which are the quotes you mentioned.

  10. Speaking of Twain, another very good read in the same vein is "Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven", wherein, among other things, the Captain finds out that, in Heaven, Earth is referred to as "The Wart".

  11. Jim: Twain was pretty danged cynical. One of the things I liked BEST about him.


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