Thursday, January 12, 2012


There's lotsa good stuff at the Usual Source today and I was hard-pressed to select just one 'toon from the many candidates.  But this one was the winnah:

Mr. Ariail ain't the ONLY guy who's thinkin' like this; the right side o' the blogosphere is just brimming with WTF? sorta screeds in this space.  There are lotsa thangs to take Romney to task for (some o' which, like flip-flopping, are noted above), but his performance at Bain Capital AIN'T one of 'em.  Shame.


  1. Yep. Let's get it all over with now, though.

  2. I actually think the old smoke filled back rooms and true conventions were much better than the primary and phony convention system we have today. I mean Iowa and NH have clout that is way out of proportion to their size and importance nationally. If in some alternate universe, TX was the first primary state, Perry and Gingrich would probably be way up now. But that wouldn't make the primary system any better.

  3. I'm from Iowa and I agree with Dapper Dan's message. I'm just glad our primaries are over; I was sick & tired of all the canned phone calls at dinnertime from all the candidates and their supporters.

  4. Dan: Excellent point. But I don't think it's all over but for the shouting, yet.

    Red: I'll bet you are glad it's over for Iowa. I have another friend who lives in Iowa and he was just sick to DEATH of all the BS.

    Lou: Me too.

  5. Well, reports are that Huntsman just dropped from the race. I expect Perry will be gone after SC. That should clear up the message a bit.

    It should be noted that Paul was the only one to actually defend Romney in this, as he actually believes in capitalism, too!

  6. I DID notice Paul came to Romney's defense and I thought "good on 'em."


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