Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm an Idiot

Sooo... Hockey Night In Portales didn't happen last evening, mainly because the Beloved Wings played an afternoon game yesterday... beginning at 1230 EST, which was a solid hour before I rolled outta bed (the first time).  The weird thing is neither SN1 nor I checked the schedule and we BOTH missed the early start time... a classic case of dysfunctional synchronicity.  But that was alright; we went out and had prime rib and made a night out o' that.  But watching the game together would've been better; I can't recall the last time we did that and neither can Buck.


In the "Confession is good for the soul" department (it IS Sunday)... I watched this last night:

I'm gonna have to quit sayin' I'm not a movie guy, coz I find myself watching at least two or three of the damned things a week now.  What's doubly embarrassing is a couple o' few of the movies I've watched are Chick Flicks... there's no OTHER way to describe them.  "It's Complicated" really rattled me, though, because of the similarities in timing and circumstance... chiefly because of the fact the protagonists had a 20-year marriage, were ten years divorced, and it all ended in 1999.  That's just freakin' eerie because MY little passion-play had those exact same circumstances but it wasn't as beautiful nor as funny as this movie.  Ms. Streep (I HAVE to see her in "The Iron Lady") and company held me from the beginning to the end and there were many, many "I can relate" moments in the movie.  The moral of the story... you can never go home again, in so many words... is something I should take to heart.


This is good...

Except for the freakin' wind, which is gusting to 37 mph.  We may or may not sit outside on the verandah this afternoon, because that wind has the potential to ruin what would otherwise be a VERY nice day.


  1. So I took gander at our wx snapshot. There's a 20% chance of rain... there are no clouds... and it is chilly

    Sorry you missed watching your game with your son (I think I'd trade the 49er victory for that opportunity with my son).

    Nothin' wrong with chick flicks when they're well done.

  2. I think I dated a gal named Ima Nidget back in the day. It was a blind date.

  3. toutes des chieuses15 January, 2012 14:05

    My ex-wife once asked me "where do you think we are in our relationship?"


    First of all, I don't like that word. As a matter of fact we laughed about that word when we were dating. We are either lovers, or we are finished.

    Relationship means to me, the things that exist after the passion is gone.

    That usually means: me, my dog, and my car. While it means our old house and alimony to her :-)

    Still though, "relationship" movies are sometimes fun, just to see how the other slobs live.

  4. "War of the Roses" w. Michael Douglas & K. Turner is more accurate for all too many than most would like to admit. There is A REASON divorce lawyers get rich..

  5. That is one movie I have not seen, but heard different reviews. "War of the Roses" was horrible and painful.

  6. What Virgil said. I have a hard time buying the premise of "It's Complicated". Not many relationships after a divorce are cute, funny, charming, or heart-warming.

    I had about the same weather as you today. I know you feel exactly the same way about the wind as I do; too much can ruin a perfectly nice day.

  7. Skip: Yeah, missing the game was the only downer of the weekend. But we made up for it, as noted.

    Ivan: I MIGHT have dated the same girl... and her sisters, too.

    Still though, "relationship" movies are sometimes fun, just to see how the other slobs live.

    That was somewhat the case with "It's Complicated," but there was a LOT more to the flick than that.

    Virgil: I've seen "Roses," too. And I HATED the ending. Actually, I didn't think there was a lot to like about that movie.

    Lou: I can wholeheartedly recommend "It's Complicated."

    Red: You might be surprised at the movie, and you KNOW where I'm comin' from in re: divorce and subsequent "relationships."

  8. Glad dinner was unto standards of "passing a good time." The War of the Roses" served me well -- by re-affirming my decision to get out of the divorce lawyer biz.

  9. No offense, Moogie, but ya did the right thing. I'm surprised more "family law" attorneys aren't shot, coz most of 'em deserve to be.


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