Monday, January 16, 2012

Better Late

This was Saturday...

The SEALS look a lot better at 50 than I did.  Hell, the SEALS look a lot better than I EVAH did!


The wind continues to howl here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  SN1 and I managed an outdoor Happy Hour yesterday and did the UCR HH thangs, which included burning a couple o' cigars.  The wind wasn't all that bad at the time and Weather Underground sez it's about the same today as far as speed goes.  But I think the direction must have changed, or sumthin', because my lawn chairs were next door when I woke up this morning and it certainly SEEMS worse than yesterday.  The Bottom Line is... no al fresco Happy Hour TODAY, Gentle Reader.  Which is a shame, coz it's still in the mid-60s.


  1. If we get out of the forties today, it'll be a surprise. At least the Sun's shining... but rain is finally on the way

  2. "Better Late" indeed!

    70's here...but wind like an Obama speech, too.

    Storms brewing. Ah...January in Louisiana! #1 son was married on a January 13, and it was 80+ degrees. The AC didn't work at the BAFB Chapel, either, and it must have been 95 sweaty Tuxedo degrees in there.

    It was a miserable ceremony.

    It was an omen...

  3. Ooh, Navy Seals are 50?! Whoohoo! Congrats Seals! I don't feel like such a cougar after all.

    The weather was in the mid 70's today - I can live with that. The wind was a bit breezy and getting worse this evening.

  4. Skip: I'd have traded WX with you yesterday. I went out for a bit and it was NOT nice.

    Andy: I'd love me some 80 degree WX in January. But not in an un-AC'ed chapel. In a tux. Aiiieee!

    Lou: "Breezy" ain't quite the word for our wind yesterday. More like "gale." But I suppose warm is warm, no?


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