Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sometimes It Bees That Way

Kinda-sorta like this, but different
SN1 & Co. are in town to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday with me (well... me and other members of the fam'bly) and we got off to a great start last evening.  Or rather, early this morning, to be precise.  The drive down from Leavenworth takes a lil bit o' time and the fam'bly pulled into town in the wee smalls... with Buck and Grandson Sean dropping in to El Casa Inm├│vil de Pennington shortly after 0100 for a nightcap.  One nightcap turned into four and just by sheer coinkydink they departed the prem around 0415 this morning.  I finished the remains of my barley pop and retired around 0500.

So... it was another rather long night followed by yet another late start, but this one was much more pleasurable than most.  The world may not know it but a lot of what ails it got fixed last evening, with more fixing to follow tonight during Hockey Night In Portales.

Sometimes it bees that way.


  1. Sounds like your off to a Good Start!
    Have a Great Weekend.

  2. Happy to see it bees such a good weekend for you!

  3. A quick glance gives an impression of Sometimes It Beers That Way and wouldn't that be ironic?

  4. Thank ya, Ladies. And Skip... more truth than irony, actually. ;-)

  5. Good times!

    Man, Buck is gonna look back on last night fondly after you croak!

    It'll be a comfort, I'm sure.

  6. Have fun with your son. Well, I guess the fun has already begun.

  7. Andy: You win the prize for Most Bizarre Comment On A Blog.

    Lou: Yeah, there was fun and a LOT of it.

  8. "Most Bizarre?"

    After I read the follow-up e-mail, I had to come back to see what I had written.

    Because I forgot.

    Not "bizarre" at all. Trust me, he will...

    Heh! WV: neededis

  9. Definitely fun times! Don't wear yourself out.


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