Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And Then There's This...

First... from yesterday's Shoebox blog:



I might be overdoing the indoor humidification program. 

It was a lot worse than this (as in the whole window was obscured by condensation) when I first got up this morning but I'm not seein' any mold anywhere, though.  Speaking o' indoor humidification... I found whole cloves at the commissary yesterday and McCormick is quite proud of their product, to the tune o' $2.07 for a .62 ounce package.  We paid the freight.


  1. Looks like New Orleans in the summertime! Keep an eye on that mold, and enjoy the cloves! Stick a few in an orange and let it hang out. Smells really good!

  2. OTOH... I could just brew up some Constant Comment, eh? ;-)


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