Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Much Ado About Not Much

We're back from running the day's errands... picked up our monthly meds, got our quarterly shearing, bought beer, and made a medium-to-large commissary run.  And picked up that certified letter, which was nothing more than a reminder from my (former) RV club that my mail service would be terminated if I didn't renew my membership.  Why they sent the notice via certified mail shall forever remain a mystery but that was a load off o' my mind.  I was expecting some sorta legal notice but we shan't go into detail about THAT.

I picked up a four-pack of Sammy Adams Wee Heavy which won't be cool enough by the time Happy Hour rolls around... mere minutes from now... as we just now put the beer in the fridge.  This won't be a session beer when I get around to drinkin' it, given the ABV is a whopping 10%.  "Normal" Scottish Heavy ain't NEAR that strong and was my brew o' choice back in the day when I ventured up to Scotland from London.  I'm looking forward to it, though.

The Class VI store also had 12-packs of Sammy Adams Winter Seasonal brews and I bought my fourth or fifth installment of same.  I really shoulda bought three 12-packs... beer keeps (for a while)... but I didn't.  I really, rilly like the Chocolate Bock and the Black and Brew that comes in those 12-packs and wish I could find those beers in something other than the 12-pack.  Alas... not HERE.

About that shearing... the Ol' Gal that cut my hair kept up a running commentary about how nice my hair was throughout the 15 minutes I was in the chair.  Words to the effect of "sooo thick!" and "you have beautiful natural highlights... wimmen pay BIG money to get that!" and so on and so forth.  Twenty years ago I mighta thought she was hittin' on me but these days I recognize that stuff for what it is: a ploy to increase the size o' the tip.  It worked, too.  I'm SO easy, if not more than a lil bit vain.

And now... Beer me!  On the verandah!


  1. We have a 6% limit here in TN so I won't get to try that SA Wee Heavy, but it does sound good though. I once bought a 40 of Old English malt liquor to give it a try and when I was in line at the check out, a black dude said, "man you're going old school, ain't ya?" I said, "Yep, I'm old school all the way." As I remember, the OE wasn't all that bad. (But I'll be the first to admit that I have no taste whatsoever.)

    I won't be commenting on your experience at the barber's other than to say, I'm glad for you, pal--for still having a good head of hair and getting a compliment about it. I remember those good old days when I actually had something up there to cut. Now I'm content with shaving my own head 2-3 times each week. When I look in the mirror I see someone who looks like old Daddy Warbucks staring back out at me. It is low maintenance though, very low maintenance.

  2. I don't drink beer, but I notice that Sam Adams makes an awful lot of different brews. I saw that Chocolate Bock in my local grocery, and was tempted.

    Aren't all American beers carbonated, though? Someone told me that European beers are not carbonated, and therefore better. I know carbonated anything just makes me bloated, so for the sake of my aging figure -- I avoid sodas and beers. I make an exception for champagne. Now I see Sam Adams advertising a champagne-like brew, Infinium, on tv. What's your take on making beer behave like champagne?

    (and why would you be expecting some sorta legal notice?)

  3. I had my hair cut at the BX, and the lady said "Who cut your hair the last time! This is really messed up!"

    I pointed across the aisle and said "That guy right there!"

    The whole place broke-up laughing.

    Haircuts in the BX are like flavors in C-Rations.

  4. I've been more into wine than beer lately, but serious dieting always limits alkiehall intake.

    I'd rather not have much conversation at the hair-dresser's. They tend to be quite gossipy - things I'd rather no know about their lives. Then they get distracted. But I do like suck-up and I will tip well.

  5. Heh. I'm reaching that point in my dealings with women, at least somewhat. Last night, I went into a restaurant and was given VERY smiling service by a lovely young thang. I would have fancied myself quite hot to her, a few years back, but now I realize she was, at best, treating me like her beloved grandpa or other wizened male relative.

  6. Happy New Year Buck! Hope it's working out well and you are loving life in your new pad. Trust you had a good Christmas too. Life is good here. Christmas was lovely, NYE was quiet and drink free for me but we caught the fireworks from our front door (!) and 2012 looks like a great year all round for Londinium. Most looking forward to the Queen's Jubilee and of course our little one is due in 8 weeks time...GULP. I've had no time for blogging since I went out in a puff of grey smoke writing for the Telegraph that one time, lol. Oh well. I can say I tried and hit the big time for one short day.

    Lots of love to you, just catching up on your posts
    Alison, East London!

  7. Dan: It's been quite a while since I drank any Old English or other variants on that theme. There was a time, though...

    As for the hair thang... it's all in the genes, innit?

    Aren't all American beers carbonated, though? Someone told me that European beers are not carbonated, and therefore better.

    ALL beer is carbonated, Red. Non-carbonated beer is called sumthin' like "barley wine" and tastes horrible, for the most part. As far as making beer behave like champagne... the point is? You want champagne, buy champagne! I think SA's Infinium is more marketing exercise and less about beer. The folks at Beer Advocate weren't impressed.

    Anon: The BX barbers are more like sheep-shearers these days, coz that's what the military wants. I've bitched about this phenomenon a lot.

    Lou: My diet demands beer... I NEED the calories.

    Jim: I hear ya. I've been on this page for well over ten years now.

    Alison: I'm glad ya dropped by and it's good to know you're doin' well. I've missed ya.

  8. As someone who takes a keen interest in this country thought I'd share this for a laugh re current politics.


    Personally I hope the Scots say yes and GO (we all do). I am BORED TO DEATH of the medieval-grievance obsessed, English-hating swivel-eyed loons. Ditto Ireland.

  9. I think there's more truth than humor in that piece, A. Still, I have difficulty seein' how Scotland could make economically it as an independent country. They're already exporting all the single malt they can make. ;-)

  10. Well yeah when they have to raise taxes to fund their bloated welfare state, the one we all pay for here down south, not sure whisky and North Sea Oil will cut it! LOL. But i'd be happy to see Labour made eternally unelectable. And Labour are shitting themselves at this prospect hence all the talking heads!


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