Sunday, December 04, 2011

Suspicions Confirmed

I've been thinkin' our temps are a lot colder than usual for early December and it looks like I'm right.  From the NWS in ABQ:
... More rounds of wintry weather will impact northern and central New Mexico through midweek...

With the first of three wintry storms now clear of New Mexico... two more rounds of wintry weather will pass across New Mexico through midweek... leaving the state firmly in the grip of winter chill with the coldest temperatures seen so far this season.

The next wintry round will move from The Boot heel of New Mexico across the southern tier of the state during the day today to bring a quick round of light snow mainly south of Interstate 40 through this afternoon.

Round three will be more substantial and a much deeper plunge into winter weather... with widespread and long lasting snow beginning this evening over northern New Mexico and extending southward overnight tonight. Cold air ramming westward from the Southern Plains will reach northeast New Mexico tonight... and the combination of gusty winds and falling snow will produce locally poor visibilities in blowing and drifting snow over the northeast quadrant of the state.
With snow tapering off on Tuesday... cold temperatures will remain behind... with Tuesday high temperatures ranging from the teens over the northern mountains... and to near the freezing mark near Roswell. Tuesday night temperatures will fall to double digits below zero for Sangre de Cristo mountain... especially near Eagle Nest and Angel Fire.

Some modest relief from the winter chill is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday before a quick burst of cooler air arrives on Friday. Temperatures through the work week will remain well below seasonal normals for early December.
Insert al-Gore joke here.  It ain't so damned funny, however.


  1. Al Gore!

    Okay, joke inserted...

    Heh! WV: dufus

  2. Buck, I feel yore pain about the weather. We've been lucky the last couple of days, but things look rainy the rest of the week. At least we don't have snow like you.

    BTW, to go off on a tangent, I didn't remember NM had a bootheel. I checked it out on the google map to take a look. The US/Mexican border seems to be on the same line as the bottom of AZ as it crosses the AZ/NM line and then after several miles it zigs up (a highly technical cartography term) a little and then, after forming the bootheel. zigs right back. Makes me wonder about the history of the border line down there.

  3. Could Andy's WV be any more apropos?

    My east-central Iowa weather hasn't been quite as bad as yours - yet, but you know how much I.hate.winter.and.cold. Hence the lack of mojo and blog commenting lately. And I'm sure the lack of enjoying a cigar on the veranda is not helping your disposition any.

  4. It's been colder than usual in these parts too. We passed from Spring, right into a short Fall, and Old Man Winter is well ahead of schedule.

    Al Gore, indeed!

  5. Close to long handled underwear type weather here in The High Desert as well.

  6. During my years in NM, Christmas was often the coldest day of the year causing Toby's trash trucks lots of proplems. The temps dropped down to below zero almost every Christmas. The Lower San Luis Valley was often the coldest place in the lower US. I guess Old Man Winter hit a few weeks early this year.

  7. You must be siphoning off our cold weather, and I thank you. Our temps have been a consistent 10 to 15 degrees above normal, for about three out of every four days, for the past month.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. We got 6" of snow in 24 hours and temps of 15* throughout this week with more snow to come Tuesday and Wednesday. AIIEE didn't we just get rid of this crap?

  9. And there was me imagining New Mexico as a warm, or even hot, place all year round. Shows how wrong you can be.

  10. So is this where somebody asks if you are ready to move back to the United States?

  11. High of 80 in New Orleans yesterday, but we should be back in the 60s tomorrow.

    I love cold weather!

  12. What Suldog said. Forecast for the next three days is mid to high 50s here in New England. By Thursday it should be in the 40s - which is still 5-10 degrees above normal.

    Which does not make this asthmatic happy - not. at. all.

    I live for the cold weather - zero humidity, kills everything allergy-wise.


  13. Andy: You need to take screen caps.

    Dan: In re: the Boot Heel. I thought it had sumthin' to do with the Gadsden Purchase, but a quick scan o' The Wiki's article doesn't reveal the answer.

    Red: You can't possibly hate winter more than me. I did my time in snow country and this is a large part o' why I get so bent outta shape at a lil bit o' snow.

    Dave: It's the same here, as well.

    Glenn: Ditto.

    Lou: I've seen near 70 degree temps on Christmas Day here in P-ville.

    Jim: Don't thank me, thank al-Gore.

    Deb: But you live in Calgary. Whattaya expect?

    BP: Yeah, this ain't Guadalajara! ;-)

    Skip: One of Our Fifty Is Missing.

    Moogie: It's not nice to make fun o' people. ;-)

  14. Kris: The ONE good thang about this WX here is it's killed the flies. That's IT. But I feel for ya.


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