Sunday, December 04, 2011

Some People Post Dumb Cat Vids...

... I post dumb kid vids.

Who's worse?  And say... would ya pass me the cup o' urine, please?

Added jes a lil bit later:  Google Maps goes indoors.

How cool, eh?  Now wimmen can find their way to my bedroom without bein' led.  Or drugged.


  1. I'll admit that I have always had a great sense of direction, but if you are that stupid that you need to make maps of inside buildings to find your way out, you might be better off just digging a hole and pulling the dirt in over top of you.

    Honestly, other than kids, do people really get lost in buildings? And if they do, is it that hard to ask "hey where's the john?" Or exit, or where they are selling coats, or any such stupid thing.

    If you have a sign with a "you are here" and you still can't find your way, I suggest just step in front of the bus. The world will be better off without such clueless people in it.

  2. I take Anon's point, but there are some buildings that present special problems. I've never been in the Pentagon, but I imagine that getting lost in that maze might be a possibility.

  3. I'll take Anon's point too, but I'd love to see him find his way through the f**ck*d up passageways in the ancient building in which I work. Someone from the public gets lost in our building every day; we're used to pointing out directions for people. Heh.

  4. Anon needs to visit the building I work in. I'd take him/her to the far reaches, and let them find there way back. Might be good to pack a survival kit.

  5. The Halliburton building where Toby works is so full of cubicles, it gets very confusing. I can find my way out, but I often have trouble finding Toby's cube.

  6. I wonder if that app would work on an aircraft carrier?

  7. A young, female, Asian John Travolta impersonator. heh.

    There are times I can get lost going through a door.

  8. Anon & Dan: The Pentagon was the first thang that came to mind, too. That building is legendary for losing people.

    Red: You work in the Pentagon? Who knew? ;-)

    Dave: U2?

    Lou: Cube farms ARE confusing... coz they all look alike.

    Skip: I doubt it, but that would be a Good Thang, methinks.

    Moogie: Travolta. Heh. I might could get lost goin' thru a door these days, too.


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