Monday, December 05, 2011

♩♩ It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... ♩♩

Ho-Ho-frickin'-Ho!  This is what I woke up to this morning:

Covered parking -- Yeahrightsure

Cold birdies

My Charlie Brown tree
Covered parking ain't much good when the wind blows snow around and into everythang.  But The Green Hornet isn't as bad off as my neighbors' cars; I must be on the lee side o' thangs.  I still get a kick outta my flamingos, especially in WX like this.  I'm thinkin' mebbe I'll buy some lil plastic cardinals to put in my Charlie Brown tree, too.  Nah.  That would be overkill.

Added, moments later:  

I don't think I'll be goin' out today.  I may not go out all week.


  1. That's fantastic, Buck! I want me some snow!

  2. It appears the wind where you are is about the same as here. The main differences are the cloud cover and humidity... oh, yeah, and the temperature.

  3. Oh, yes, Buck, I think I might hate winter more than you. As soon as we retire, we're moving to just north of Austin, TX,...where there is much less chance of snow than in Iowa or, apparently, Portales.

    Why aren't you moving a little farther into the drier parts of Texas? Once we get to Texas, you'll have to drive east to our place ahead of the first NM snow storm, and see what you think sitting on OUR veranda and looking at that Clovis AFB forecast. ;-)

  4. Skip: I know it can get nasty in yer neck o' the woods... I made the trip down that way from K-Falls a lot in the way-back.

    Red: My oft-told tale is I was on my way to either Austin or Corpus Christi when I stopped here in P-Ville for a "one month visit." That was nine years ago this month and there are times when I think I really SHOULD have kept goin'. But it is what it is and I'm tied to P-Ville for various and sundry reasons now.

  5. Not so different looking up here in Orygun. 'Cept it isn't snow per se, but rather freezing fog. WTF is freezing fog, you ask? Dunno either. Looks like frost but is more slippery. I had no troubles this morning, but a semi got crossed up in it and was blocking the entire road. Had to backtrack and waste 45 minutes going 6 miles. :(

    WV: "furnance"
    Seems kinda fitting

  6. Inno: I've experienced freezing fog and I'll take snow any ol' day over that krep. I'm just glad I don't have to get out in the wx these days.

  7. I think you should get plastic flowers for each season and put out front with your tree and birds. Poinsettias would look nice right now.


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