Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In This Morning's In-Box

I immediately deleted the message when I saw the subject line and the sender.  But I had second thoughts, so I went to the trash and read the note.  Alas, it's NOT an ad for tracers... which are the sort o' "sparkles" a select few NOT on my Christmas list deserve.

In other in-box news... last night HP notified me the new box has shipped, five days earlier than estimated.  Happy-happy joy-joy!


  1. Re' the HP; looks like Christmas will be on-time or perhaps a tad bit early at your place. This is good news!

  2. Well, good and bad news... the bad bein' the hours and hours of software loading and data restoral I'll have to go through to get back to normal. I can live with that, though.

  3. I think the chick is one of 'em from the Pajamagram ad.


  4. OK, skip the feety pajamas. I would just cut the feet out anyway. I'm thinking sparkle now.

  5. Andy: You might be right.

    Lou: Those pajamas have zippered feet, no need to cut. And they're a LOT cheaper than sparkles, too.


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