Sunday, December 11, 2011

Random Notes

Blog-Bud Andy has taken up v-logging with his new fanboi phone that does photos, videos, finds you dates, changes the baby, and fixes dinner, among other thangs.  He's done two of those thangs now and he's pretty good at it.  I tried that back when the MinoHD was new, once.  I sucked.

Andy also mentioned in his v-log that he'd been off for three whole days and was kinda-sorta beside himself.  I've been off for 3,327 days now (not counting today) and am just as happy as the proverbial pig in... umm... stuff.   I'm living proof (well, "living" is loosely defined) that being easily amused is one o' life's most under-rated blessings.  (And how did I get that exact day count, you might ask?  By going to this handy lil web site.  I LOVES me some technology!)


Remember a couple o' few days ago when I posted about the Beloved Wings blowing out those Feral Dogs at The Joe?  Well, they did the same thang last evening to the hot Winnipeg Jets, who came into The Joe last night on a roll, having won sumthin' like seven of their last ten.  Alas (for Winnipeg's fans), those same Jets proceeded to flame out, losing to the Wings by a score of 7-1.  The Jets DID manage to score the first goal (34 seconds into the first period) but it was all downhill for them from there.  Good stuff, Maynard.


Shocked!  That would be me when I slide off the bar stool and forget to ground myself before doin' so.  The seats of my spiffy bar stools are covered in some sorta suede-like fabric that is a potential solution to America's energy crisis, provided one could somehow harness the megawatts of static electricity generated by the simple act of getting up.  I swear I've seen blue arcs emanate from my fingertips once or twice.  This phenomenon is exacerbated by the current negative ten percent relative humidity inside El Casa Inm├│vil de Pennington.  The low or nonexistent indoor humidity is yet another reason to hate winter.  Which I DO.

And it's still cold outside, although there's a warm-up coming by mid-week if the good folks at the NWS in ABQ are correct.  

We might even be able to pull off an outdoor Happy Hour!  Let us pray... 


I believe I mentioned I was considering buying a new peesee rather than getting the current desktop repaired.  Well last Tuesday I did just that.  I did my patriotic duty to stimulate the economy... and I also gave Hewlett-Packard (a fine, outstanding AMERICAN computer company who sells stuff assembled in China or Taiwan, outta parts made only-gawd-knows-where) my bid'niz, in the hopes they'll be able to keep my pittance of a retirement check coming along each and every month.  Well, that and the fact that HP gives me an employee discount on their stuff, and every lil bit helps, yanno?  OTOH, I'm not too pleased with how long it's gonna take the box to get here.  I ordered the thang on 12/06 and HP tells me the machine will ship on or about 12/19, with a five to seven day delivery date to follow.  Doesn't that seem excessive?  But then again... Taiwan is a long ways away from New Mexico.


  1. Nyuk!

    Buck, that screenshot PROVES that I AM MY FATHER! Jeepers, when I saw myself going profile on that pitiful video, it was like I was looking right straight at my Daddy.

    Except, he is a sane individual. Minor difference, I know...

    Been way cold here, too. But, we have the luxury of 27 degree mornings, and 90% humidity.


    I thought HP was going out of the comprutuh box biz...but, that might be old info which is no longer any good. Things change quick, as you know.

    Thank you for the kind words about how fairly "good" I am at V-Logging. You can always count on a blog buddy (and your Mama) to lie to make you feel at least somewhat comfortable with your own ineptitude.

    BTW, I liked your V-log. You should consider going back to it (now that I plan to make it the cotton-pickin'-rage-of-the-age).


    Can you really get dates on this thing? There's gotta be an app for it...

  2. Well, you ARE good at that video thang. I NEVER lie.

    HP decided to stay in the PC bid'niz when they examined the impact of exiting that segment on their volume discounts, specifically when it came to buying components for their server bid'niz (a lot o' which are common to all PC's, not just servers), which they never planned to abandon. Or so I read.

    As for me getting back into v-logging... well, mebbe. I think my "cheesy videos" qualify and I still intend to do those every once in a while, when the spirit moves me.

  3. I've been looking at bar stools for the new kitchen. Toby is not too pleased with the comfort level of the junk chair I purchased last spring. I keep telling him that there is no such thing as a comfy bar stool. If there was, drunks would never leave the bar.

    We got a bit of rain today - just enough to make the dirt stick to your shoes.

  4. How do you get down from a bar stool?

    You don't. You get down from a duck.

    I'm not even sorry about that.

    Your weather pattern seems to be paralleling ours... at least temperaturewise

    I thought about that v-log thing for a moment. Then I realized that nobody wants to look at me thinking a about what I'm going to say next. That's not to say I won't put videos up. I'll just point the camera at something other than myself.

  5. Oh... and my cell phone, which is anything but smart, has one of those date calculators. the best part is it stores the info and will even display it on the screen.

  6. Regarding bar stools and sparks...
    just be glad the sparks are coming off of your finger tips rather than a little lower!

  7. I keep telling him that there is no such thing as a comfy bar stool.

    Mine are pretty comfy, Lou. I spend HOURS on 'em surfin' the net and stuff.

    Skip: Heh... on the duck. I do that "point the camera at sumthin' else" thang, too.

    Ed: Ow!

  8. Congrats on the new 'puter! We've had bone-chilling, humid cold for a week, then it's supposed to be in the 70s in a few days. Kinda rough on a body.

    Try boiling an open pan of water from time to time to put a little humidity in the air. I always forget about static until we go to Arkansas and then I could light up a bulb held in my mouth!

  9. I understand that lighting a bulb by holding it in your mouth is a common after dinner practice in Arkansas.

    But, I really like it best when they fart "Arkansas Fight!"


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