Saturday, December 10, 2011

Right Now

I'm watching the Army-Navy Groundpounders-Squids game, which is to say the also-rans playin' for second place, seein' as how the Air Force Academy has already won the CinC's Trophy.  That said (and you know I just HAD to say it),  it's a pretty entertaining game, all things considered.  Army tied it up with seconds left in the first half, despite the two Army turnovers that gave Navy their touchdowns.  So we're at the half and the game is tied, 14-14.

President Obama is milkin' the game for all it's worth, and then some... what with performing the coin-toss and then spending about five minutes with the CBS broadcast team.  That's all well and good and I'll cut him some slack today, mainly coz he's giving the Cadets and the Midshipmen their due and is sayin' all the right thangs.  Good on him for that.

I love this game, not so much for the football but for the tradition, the rivalry, the Spirit Messages, and all the shining faces of those ossifers-to-be.  This really is "America's Game."

So.  Halftime.  Time to pour another beer and consider putting a match to a ceegar.  We're still into that Sammy Adams "Winter Classics" 12-pack and there's some damned fine beer in that thang.  We might buy another one of those.


  1. Buck, I'm watching the game, too. Love it, and always look at it even though there is ZERO national implication...except for folks like us that understand the glory behind it.

    Not drinking beer. Not a beer drinker.

    As you know, I'm a corn guy.

    This game is extremely entertaining. Seriously, on a day with nothing else happening in The Only Sport That Really Matters, I'm having the time of my life (well...time of my "day" anyway).

    I'm pulling for Army (and not just because I've got a Soldier in the clan). Bless their hearts, they are playing lights out on the ground...that's what wins ball games.

    Thanks be to Jesus, and God The Father that I missed the ObozO shit. I was occupied with other junk while he was hogging the mic...sometimes I get lucky.

  2. I prolly otta be rooting for Navy, given as how there's a Squid in the fam'bly. But I have this thang about underdogs and then there's the historical connection, seein' as how USAF began as the Army Air Corps and the like. So, I'm rooting for Army, too.

    Don't tell SN2, K?

  3. Good game! Caught it from the end of the first half, just before Army tied it up. Ah well...there will be some pissed off Army guys at school on Monday...especially Army Buck...the former fullback for West Point in my staff group. He flew out for the game. Too bad...

    At least the AFA will play after today!

    I won't tell SN2...



  4. No dog in that fight for me, but I like underdogs too.

  5. Buck: Yeah, I can imagine there ain't no joy in Mudville (Leavenworth) today.

    Lou: Alas, the underdogs remained under.

  6. Since I was born to the Navy and married the Army, I can really swing either way, but I kibnda wanted Army to pull it off since my little cousin is a Senior at The Academy this year. Oh well.

    That CinC act made me physically ill.


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