Thursday, December 01, 2011


Ice pellets?  Good Grief.  I'm glad we're all stocked up.


  1. Better throw another quilt on the old bed tonight!
    Was 26 F here on the ridge last night, seems a little early for these low temps.

  2. I got all stocked up yesterday. Looks like we may be in for it this weekend -- just don't know how much!

  3. Cold here too. I believe old man winter is knockin' on the door.

  4. Well, it is December. I'm glad you made that trip to town.

  5. Keep it! Stand out in it and drive it north by force of will!

    Do not let it head directly west.

    If you do, I will give you ten dollars.

  6. I'll chip in a 10 spot, too! Batten down!

  7. Good thing you was nagged into going to the store.

    Ice Pellets? Sounds like it could be used in a drink to me.

  8. Ed: It was rather chilly last night and still is. But I'm nice and warm. Well... warm, anyhoo.

    Sharon: You'll prolly get worse than me. The "ice pellets" forecast for last evening never materialized.

    Dan: Indeed he is.

    Lou: Some years I wish we could just skip December... and January and February... and go straight to March.

    Andy: Don't you mean "east?" You owe me ten Yankee Dollars if you don't.

    Moogie: We're battened down, fer shure.

    ss: Yup, the nagging saved me. I'd hate to be out in this today.

  9. Indeed I meant east. Sigh...


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