Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Captain Gets a Standing O at The Joe

Background, for those of you who couldn't care less about the greatest and fastest game on the planet:
During a stoppage in the first period, with Detroit leading 1-0, a video tribute flashed up on the scoreboard honoring Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman – who made his first visit back to the building since leaving the organization's front office in 2010 to become the Lightning's general manager. A live shot of Yzerman followed, along with an ovation and stick taps by players from both teams.
And the Wings respond by beating his team 4-2.  Ingrates.


  1. I am really not much of a hockey fan, but just wanted to tell you Buck that my daughter has become the team dietitian for the Allen Americans semi-pro team near Dallas, TX. She is having a ball learning the game, counseling the players, and sitting behind the team at all their home games. Even her kids are into hockey - she tells me every day her 2 year old says "Hockey game?" thinking this might be the night they go to a game. A future big fan, I'm sure.

  2. An added congrats to your boys, as the Bruins just completed their first entire month since 1969 without a single regulation-time loss. Of course, you hung one on us in OT, so well done.

  3. Guess the old adage applies to hockey too: you can't go home again.

  4. ESPN didn't show the tribute, just some action shots.
    Seems they were more interested in showing LeBron playing flag football... indoors! WTF

  5. Is it still hockey season? ;)

  6. Sharon: That's just TOO cool about your daughter and grandkids. Really.

    Dan: I just wished I could have seen it in real-time. The tribute happened during a teevee timeout so I got to watch some cheesy Ford ad, or sumthin' like it.

    Skip: WTF, indeed! ESPN isn't much on hockey since they lost the teevee contract a couple o' years ago and more's the pity.

    Moogie: Yup. About 60 games left in the regular season (per team) and then we get the playoffs!


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