Friday, December 02, 2011

Bare Trees, Gray Light

That's today.  Cold, too... and the first thang I thought of when I opened the blinds and looked out on the world was this:

I was alone in the cold of a winters day
You were alone and so snug in your bed
Great album, this... which is before Buckingham & Nicks came along and ruined the band for me.  I'm a party of one in this regard (as usual) because prior to B&N's arrival Fleetwood Mac never had much success, compared to what they had after Lindsey and Stevie joined up.  If ya wanna take that thought further down the line I much preferred the Mac's first incarnation, when they were a pure blues band.  They certainly have had more than a few changes over the years.

But... back to Bare Trees and Gray Light... I said it was cold, dint I?  Well, it IS:

Winter's beating down the freakin' door.


  1. At least you won't have to deal with frozen pipes this winter.

  2. Hopefully. I've had pipes freeze in fixed dwellings in the past, though.

  3. Sorry, Buck. I think you're getting some of that storm we sent your way.

  4. This is probably going to sound batshit crazy but ... I want your weather here.

    It's December and the temps during the day are in the 50s; earlier this week they were in the 60s and are forecast to do that again next week.

    Did I mention it's New England. My gorgeous sweaters are hanging limp and lifeless; abandoned. My fireplace is hollow and dark.

  5. I used to have a reel2reel and recorded stuff off of the FM stereo on album night. I think I had a couple Fleetwood Mac albums on there.

    Anyway, I was playing it one day, and someone said "who the hell is that??"

    They liked it. Well, I said, that is Fleetwood Mac before they were billionaires.

  6. Bec: Our wind here in far eastern NM wasn't half of what all y'all got. Those were some WINDS!

    Kris: I'll trade ya straight across. ANY time (in winter).

    Oldies: It's surprising how many people think the Mac began and ended with B&N. Or mebbe not.


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