Friday, November 04, 2011

It Turns Out the Answer ISN'T 42...

... it's 50.  50 grams.  If it had been up to me I'd have left the weight of the inter-tubes at 42.  Just for the poetry that's in it, yanno?

Too geeky?  You prolly don't watch Nova either, do ya?


  1. Now it's my turn to say, "Huh?"

    v-word= seyin

  2. Whenever Sean asks me a question, inevitably the first thing out of my mouth is: 42? He'll smile and say: Um, not this time..."

    Happy to say he's read (is finishing?) the series. The WHOLE series, which is to say all six books in the "increasingly inaccurately named trilogy."

    Love it!


  3. Would that be a Double Trilogy, then?

  4. This is incredibly awesome and incredibly geeky! I'm sending it to my kids. :)


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