Friday, November 04, 2011

False Start

So... I got off the dime today and went down to the DMV to get my new driver's license, register my vehicles, yadda, yadda.  But I should use the proper term, since it's called the MVD in New Mexico.  That ain't irony; it's appropriate.  The story...

In order to get my driver's license/new registration(s) I need (a) my current license (check), (b) two pieces of paper to prove residence (semi-check: I had one on my person), and (c) an actual Social Security card (no check: I haven't had an actual Social Security card since sumthin' like for-fuckin'-ever).  I asked if my USAF ID card would do, since my Social Security number is my serial number and the number is right there on that official lil blue United States gub'mint document and the answer was "no," I must have an actual Social Security card OR an application for a replacement card... validated by the local Social Security office, which is in The Big(ger) City™.  So we must drive over to Clovis and apply for a new card.  But not today.

I also found out that to get NM titles for my vehicles I have to drive said vehicles to the MVD for a VIN validation.  That's no problem for The Green Hornet (obviously) but I'll have to do a shuttle operation to fetch El Casa Móvil de Pennington to the MVD for its inspection.  I do believe we'll register and title TGH next week, but ECMdP will wait until her Tejas plates expire next February, if she's not sold by then.

Fucking bureaucracy.  I hate, hate, HATE it.

Beer me! 


  1. The funny part is that your blue ID card has a photo on it. Social Security card - easier to fake.

    I think the standing order at most DMV's is "find a reason to deny service, and get them out of here."

  2. I bet the Libertarians could fix that.

  3. Too many hoops to jump through now days. When I went to the state to get my handgun permit, everything was in order and they still looked it over with a fine tooth comb, like I was going to steal the chicken's out of the hen house or something! Idiots!
    I can understand your frustration.

  4. never, NEVER, EVER do anything at the Pville MVD, especially if you are stuck with Terry. She turned away my Father-in-law's texas title on a camper he bought one time because she didn't like the INK it was printed with. I do anything I can at the little mvd desk inside the bank in Melrose. They can't do VIN inspections though. For that, there is a place in Clovis called Complete Compliance. They handle all the red tape stuff on our semi truck. For a fee, they do titles and VINs, and service is so much more pleasant.

  5. Take Jenny's advice. NM has the absolute worst MVD/DMV's. Certain employees seem to love their own sense of power. Or their brains are just smaller ...

  6. Mook versus Glock05 November, 2011 02:35

    I finally got a passport a couple years ago. I flash the passport and it is like a fucking Border Patrol badge. Several people get out of line and run for the doors. I don't even have to take my gun out.

    Q: Do you have a Social Security card?
    A: No, I have a Passport and this Glock 45.
    Q: Can I have sex with you to create our families first citizen?
    A: No, this passport and my precious bodily fluids are all I have left. Give me my fucking license, or prepare to die you fucking mook.

  7. Having sold the Jag recently, I feel yore pain about the DMV.

    Now I can't wait for the coming of the many thousands of new FED Workers necessary to keep Obamacare functioning like the perpetually jammed up pinball machine it will become.

  8. Thank you all for commiserating with me (especially you, Jenny). My Midnite Firebombing career inches ever closer.

  9. O.M.G. ::smh:: I Vote for keeping everything in Texas!

    That reminds me of Younger Daughter's 21st birthday. She came to New Orleans to celebrate -- we were all going to Harrah's. Unfortunately, she left her driver's license in Baton Rouge. We took her certified birth certificate with raised seal, and her (expired) passport, along with me, her mother,who was there when she was born. No dice -- she couldn't get in because they had to have something that would"scan.". Egad.

    You're a brave soul, Buck. Go with Jenny's advice.


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