Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I'm Beginning To Take This Personally

So... I mentioned in these pages that I'd never had one single trick or treater in the nearly nine years I spent in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park and that I was expecting better this year.  Guess what?  Not one single trick or treater.  I now have about a six month supply of small Kit Kat bars on hand... but at least I was smart enough to buy candy that **I** like.  Do ya think it was all that "get off my lawn!" stuff I've posted?


Last night wasn't a total loss; we did have a nice sunset:

Note that my new westerly view isn't as nice as it was in BLHTP.  But I have a classic view of the ENMU water tower.  It's lit up at night, too.

Update, 0940 hrs:  This is why I'm beginning to take it personally: The Things You Don’t Always See.


  1. Don't feel bad Buck, I had 6 last year (the last one an adolescent that wasn't even dressed up) and 5 last night. At least this year's crop was a dressed up,traveling as a pack, group of 5 to 6 year-olds. And that be it.

  2. We had eight last night, and the last four were teenagers (no complaints, as they were very pretty teenage girls who said "Trick Or Treat!", wore costumes, and also said "Thank you very much" when they got the goodies.) But, damn, what I wouldn't give for the way it was when I was growing up, with maybe 100 kids roaming the neighborhood streets. MY WIFE and I always have too many leftovers (but, like you, I've gotten smart and I buy what I like.)

  3. IF kids go trick-or-treating, they probably tend to go to the rich side of the tracks. Otherwise, people tend to take their kids to fall fests or Halloween carnivals.

  4. We may have had 50 here last night. We used to get 200 or more, but organized activities have taken many off the streets.

    Grandma Skip does so much better with the handing out of candy than I. But I did sorta get into the spirit of the situation

  5. When I was first married, we lived way out in the country and the kids, about 2 dozen of them, were driven from house to house in a cattle trailer. My one small bag of Tootsie Rolls didn't go very far.

  6. We were out of candy by 7pm. I felt bad for not stocking up on more.

  7. We had about 25-30 kids last night; which was amazing given the state of the ... State. We thankfully have power and the roads are clear. Other towns in CT literally cancelled Halloween last night; too dangerous for the kids with all the electrical wires strewn all over the roads.

    It's a war zone here; but the kids in my 'hood made the best of it and scored a boatload of candy.

    All that said - we don't usually stay home for Halloween. We normally darken the house and go out to dinner straight from work. This is the first year in about 6 that we've stayed home. Not sure why we did.

  8. You don't think the Flamingo's scred them off maybe?

  9. I think it was on wikipedia where I read that the reason we give out candy to the kids, is because we are bribing them to pray for our relations being held in purgatory.

    So, this could mean that you no longer have relations in purgatory, or that they are screwed again.

    Tomorrow is All Souls Day, so you will find out then if you hear them begging in what you only thought was the wind.

    Whoooo-ooooo, Whoooo-oooooo!

  10. Buck you and I tied last night. Zero here too.

    My Son even decided this year that he is "to old" to go out. Man he's only 12 what is he thinking?

    Things just arent the same as when I was kid. I didn't come home until my bag was full.

  11. I really was going to bring the kids by your place, but we ended up not having enough time due to district volleyball game. Poor Shelby didn't get to wear her costume we bough; she had to "dress up" in her cheer uniform so we wouldn't waste time changing. But people thought she made a great cheerleader for halloween. Very authentic looking. Lol!
    Next year I'll swing by. By the way, that water tower is where Chance has football practice.

  12. Yeah, I miss the old days, too. I chased down our neighbor's toddlers as they were getting in the car to go to an organized activity to give them a few candy bars. Snickers -- pretty good. Then, I sent the rest of the bag to work with Pepper, because, Snickers -- very good!

  13. SN1 and I had a conversation on this subject night before last and he didn't remember trick or treating to be a big deal in P-Ville. Except in base housing, where it was a madhouse. He thinks most people take their kids there and I'd have to agree, based on my experiences. It sounds like all y'all had good experiences for the most part. Well, except for you and me, ss. ;-)


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