Thursday, November 03, 2011


 From the Usual Source:

I sure am glad I'm not working any longer.  Or running for office... ANY office... for that matter.


  1. Ha! I like.

    Thought "It depends on the meaning of 'is'" was an erudite piece of awkwardness that summed up the absurdity well enough for a time capsule. But "non threatening gesture that makes me feel uncomfortable" just might top it.

    What is it about sex scandals?

  2. I'm thinking that if you didn't cry foul when it happened, it didn't happen. If a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it, did it make a sound? If I wore my shirt backwards for most of the day, but no one saw me, does that make me a ditzy blonde?

  3. I remember the 90's all too well with regard to sexual harassment complaints.

    Companies were holding classes on this stuff, and almost begging women to complain about everything.

    I was threatened with a SH complaint by a woman in my office. She was Screaming at me over a billing issue that SHE created. I asked her if it was that time of month.

    As it turned out, it was that time of month, and she always had PMS.

    When I heard about Cain, and the time frame, I pretty much dismissed it. This is a political hit piece by the leftist rag Politico. The timing of the original complaints, and knowing how so many businesses would pay off rather have it go further was prevalent during that time. Legal fees alone would warrant paying out 50K or even more over allowing it to go forward.

    If there was something to the complaint other than BS gestures or a stupid comment, but something real like groping or using position to gain favors, the offender would have been gone in a heartbeat, and a payoff made to the woman.

    Nothing would ever happen the other way around though. The women I worked with were a lot more crude and offensive than the men were, yet it was (and still is) only a one way street. When the women talked dirty it was shrugged off, but you couldn't respond in kind.

    There was a time when sexual harassment was a problem, but the politicians and liberal movements had made it a problem in reverse. Instead of common sense means of dealing with it, they went too far. Just like everything else they do.

  4. I always felt that the folks that cried "Fowl" had an axe to grind anyway!
    I do recognize that SH is sometimes a problem that should be taken care of when it happens, not years down the road.

  5. Morgan: Yeah, that phrase does have a certain ring to it, no? What is it about sex scandals? Well, they're more interesting than financial crises.

    Lou: Agreed. Well, mebbe not on the backwards shirt thing...

    Anon: Yeah, I went to those SH classes, too. What a CROCK. As far as crude and dirty wimmen and males being of like mind and/or response in their company... it depends. And therein lies the problem.

    Ed: REAL SH is a problem, but I believe the occurrences of real, true SH (like groping, or "I'll fire you if you don't sleep with me") are few and far between. I might could be wrong.

  6. Objecting to someone from Atlanta calling a colleague "Darlin'" is just plain stooopid.

  7. Num-Nuts vs Le Monde05 November, 2011 02:54

    We had a guy get fired recently. It was pretty funny, but managers can't tolerate this shit, or they get fired too.

    Scene 1: This woman has a size DD chest, and wears a size AA bra. She looks like an ice cream cone on a 100 degree pavement. Says out loud "I feel like I ate too much at lunch" which num-nuts says "If you got a bra to fit you'd probably be able to do arithmetic".

    Scene 2: Everyone must take their chair to the loading dock and exchange it for a new ergonomic chair. This big fat woman waddles in and gives up her chair. Num-nuts says "we have two size replacement chairs, take whichever one you like." So the big fat woman asks "well I don't know which one I need" and num-nuts says "Well, turn around and bend over and I'll tell you which one should fit you."

    Scene 3: Num-nuts is fired.

    Scene 4: Num-nuts was elligible for retirement, so lawyers work it out to his advantage.

    Scene 5: Num-nuts comes back to work with a new service contractor who took over the machine shop.

    Scene 6: The two women are layed-off as the old company has to trim down support staff after losing the machine shop contract.


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