Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Went Lookin'...

... for a teevee ad that Chevrolet is runnin' in the Dee-troit market and came up empty.  But I did find this, which Occasional Reader Virgil might enjoy:

No continental kit, but it IS a pristine '58 Bel Air.  Nice!

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  1. LOL, You must be getting lazy, Buck. Here is an example of the 58 Impala Convert I was talking about in black w. 3-tone split red int replete w. Continental kit. Take a look It makes the car look like a WHOLE 'NOTHER ANIMAL! (***Note the twin radio antennas rakishly positioned on each side of the trunk on rear fins--a real nice finishing touch.)

    Post it so the readers can get a look at a REAL "boulevard" car and an exquisite example of 50s "Detroit Iron." (AND Chrome!)


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