Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes, We Have No Bananas...

... for we are decidedly short on motivation and our left arm is throbbing.  In re: the left arm... we got our flu shot today, nuff said about THAT, I suppose, except this year's vaccine stung a lot goin' in and hurts like hell several hours later.  I'm such a wimp...

I got that flu shot because I had to whip by the RGH clinic earlier today to get a scrip renewed, seein' as how I ran afoul of the USAF pharmacy's one-year expiration date on prescriptions.  I was gonna go out to Cannon and pick up this month's meds... but nooo: I was denied a phone-in refill.  I have one refill left on the current scrip but can't refill it due to the expiration date; sumthin's wrong with this picture, methinks.  So, the planned excursion over to The Big(ger) City™ and then on to Cannon has been put off until tomorrow.  That screwed up my entire day and contributed in no small part to my general disaffection with "things" as we know them.

We went looking for blog-fodder and came up empty there, as well.  The Usual Source's political cartoons are pretty lame and there aren't any interesting cat videos on the Tube O' You, and for that you should be grateful, Gentle Reader.  That said, I DID find this lil gem from NWA which might cross over into the realm of TMI... unless you've had the opportunity to encounter what we euphemistically called "bomb-sight toilets" back in the day.  Without further ado...

I never thought I'd see the day when someone, anyone, would wax rhapsodic about bomb-sights.  I tolerated them when I was out of the good ol' USofA in the way-back, mainly coz when ya gotta go, ya gotta GO.  But generally speaking?  I'm Western, through and through.  You can keep your Third-World toilets, thankyaverymuch.


  1. "You can keep your Third-World toilets..."

    ...and benjo ditches, too.

    I went searching, too. I found these to be slightly amusing:
    - California has banned tanning beds for people under 18, on the assumption that it takes a full 18 years to become stupid.
    - New badges which can be earned by Girl Scouts include; Product Design, Digital Filmmaking, and Customer Loyalty. Course, they had to do away with the Tanning badge because of the California thing.

  2. " may just save your life."

    Now there's some shitty science.

  3. And so you resorted to boy bathroom humor - sort of.

  4. They will become mandatory now, in all bathrooms.
    All I can say is Practice Squatting.

  5. I've heard that this years shot is a little more angry than years previous. They say those who never had reactions before are likely to have them this time, etc...

    That said, I still hafta get mine.

  6. MissBirdlegs in AL12 October, 2011 20:51

    Well, Crap! Supposed to get my flu shot tomorrow AM before work - dreading it worse now. Last years' shot made a big knot on my arm that bothered me for about a week, so was kinda dreading it anyway. I'll need my arm at work, so hoping your reaction is an anomaly... ;-)

  7. I don't care what the health experts claim -- flu shots always made me sick afterwards...which is why I haven't gotten a flu shot for the past 10 years...which might be why I got some sort of flu last year that lasted for 2 months...missed all of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's because I was sick.

    Now that I know this year's vaccine is nasty, I'm not getting a shot this year either. I'm just recalcitrant like that.

  8. right on Uncle Skip!! but i always thought it was Binjo ditch. keep us posted on the flu shot, mine is due in 10 days


  9. Ironic. I am considered a high risk group to get the flu shot (asthma) yet I can't get them as they are derived from egg-based antibiotics ... which I am allergic to.

  10. Skip: I know where ya got those two things. ;-)

    Now there's some shitty science.


    And so you resorted to boy bathroom humor - sort of.

    Did NOT! That was a public service, yanno?

    stopsign: Not in MY lifetime.

    Matt, Katy, Red: I dodged flu shots for years and years but I get them EVERY year now, mainly coz like Kris, I'm in one of those high risk groups. The flu could be lethal for me. My arm still hurts today, though... but not as bad as yesterday. More like what you'd feel after a hard workout.

    Kris: THAT sucks.

  11. Phil: You were caught in my spam trap, for unknown reasons. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to stagger into an open benjo/binjo ditch on my way home from the bar once or twice. NOT a pleasant experience.

  12. Sorry about the painful flu shot, but a 1000 thanks for not finding a cattube for us. And IMHO Taiwan don't know squat about toilets. What about the library benefits of a western porcelain throne? There's no way you can read a magazine or book in that Asian squat position.

  13. MissBirdlegs in AL13 October, 2011 11:48

    Got my shot this morning - hardly felt it and although I'm a little aware of it, hasn't interfered with my day at all. After a hellish bout of flu a little over 10 yrs ago, I'm religious about getting the shot now.

  14. For some reason, I am sitting here watching this chick's videos.....odd.

  15. Dan: GREAT point about the library. I know people who have reading caddies for magazines and such in their loo. I never went that far but I usually take some reading material into the Little Room with me.

    Katy: You came through better than I did, my arm is still tender today.

    Anon: Li Anne isn't hard to watch. At ALL.


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