Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Domesticity, Part Deux

We put on our virtual apron today and did what must be done, domestic-wise.  Dusted (yet AGAIN!).  Unloaded the dishwasher (no, I'm not living out of the thing as I said I might).  Vacuumed.  Did a load of laundry.  And changed the sheets...

About which, this.  Every married couple develops lil shorthand expressions and "interesting" ways to communicate, be it good thangs or bad thangs.  One of the Good Thangs back in Former Happy Days was when The Second Mrs. Pennington would look at me and simply announce "clean sheets," followed by an expression that looked a LOT like this:  scared smileys, only much sweeter and less evil.  Well, there might have been some evil there but it all depended, and we won't go any further than that.  That particular announcement might could have come at any time, but was most often delivered as I hit the door after work or mebbe after dinner.   I knew EXACTLY what that meant; the only thang open to conjecture was the timing: now?  Or later?

These days "clean sheets" means that and only that: the sheets are clean.  And the small amount of work associated with making the bed and doin' the laundry, of course.  (sigh)


  1. Good work Airman! Bed looks ship-shape.

    I used to stand naked in the bedroom door when the wife got home from work and say "hey baby, the beds all made" wink wink.

    She'd always say "yea well, close the door and enjoy yourself."

    Anyway, she was a creature of habit, and had no interest in woopie before work or after work.

    I guess that might be normal for women, although I haven't found another one to prove that theory...

    Maybe if I win the lottery...

  2. What is it with "clean sheets" and that look. I think it fired a synapse, seems I can remember something about that!

  3. Buck, please send this post to the viagra ad guys who are in sore need of some realism in their ads. They have some of the most ridiculous signal scenes imaginable (none of which include sheets or beds) and they always lead to those bathtubs. Geez.

  4. giclée mon cul11 October, 2011 22:41

    I've been trying to add some color to the apartment, and have been shopping here. This one really spruced-up my dining room:


    P.S. giclée is really an english word made to sound french to increase sales :-) It means ink jet print I think...

  5. Your place looks lovely Buck, very smart. You settling in ok?

  6. ... had no interest in woopie before work or after work. I guess that might be normal for women...

    That wasn't normal, Anon. At least not with the women I knew in the past. I can live with the occasional headache, but consistently? Nope!

    Lou: That look was ALL about the eyebrow action and that lil grin she had...

    Ed: Memories are good things.

    Dan: Hey!! I wonder if I could find part time work writing eee-dee ad copy? And yeah, I've posted about the ridiculous twin bathtubs before.

    giclée: Nice site, that. I like the "see it in a room" function. The invented word for ink-jet printing cracks me up...

    Alison: Thank ya, Ma'am. We're nearly settled in... all that's left is to do some decorating. When I get around to it. ;-)

  7. Hey, it's not "clean sheets", but I think you'll enjoy it!


  8. Hmmm. Wanting to take care of those clean sheets, you might want to revisit the invite from that neighbor lady who invited you to her favorite watering hole and dinner.

    It may take you taking the initiative, but it seems you don't have a problem with that.

    Then YOU can be the one to be wiggling your eyebrows. Yanno? heh.

  9. I was kinda thinking the same thing as Anon. ;)


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