Thursday, October 13, 2011


From the Usual Source...

I'm thinkin' the parents of the OWS kids deserve a few lashes at the public whipping post, when ya get right down to it.  YMMV, of course.


  1. Good one, Buck. I say bring back the stocks too. Twenty lashes and a day in the stocks would help them remember what will probably be a pretty fuzzy memory. They could then use the scars to prove they were actually there. "Hey Dude, I got these at Wall Street where we really took it to the Man. We coulda brought down the system if we'd just had enough porta potties."

  2. 50 of those putzes have camped out at one of our city parks in the vicinity of downtown. I'm actually glad that it's starting to get down to freezing over night now. How're you likin' yer protest now?

  3. I wonder how many of these useful idiots who are protesting even know what they are supposed to stand for.

    The list reads like a communist manifesto.

    I guess it would be more scary if these protesting fools actually did agree with the list.

    All I know is I want my country back. I want my country to be pretty much the polar opposite of what Obama has made it.

    Maybe that is what Obama should apologize for instead of trying to apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  4. I've decided to protest...hmm...maybe AT&T. Just because they make me mad.

    Whoa! My vw: sucts


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