Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tonight's ADWH Soundtrack

The Cars...

she tricks me into thinkin'
I can't believe my eyes
I wait for her forever
but she never does arrive
it's all mixed up
it's all mixed up
it's all mixed up
That first Cars album was absolutely brilliant and is yet another album I own on both vinyl and CD.  So it goes without sayin' (although I WILL) that this selection was more from the CD collection, which has been playin' virtually non-stop all day today.  And speaking of today... it was absolutely brilliant: we prolly got up to about 75 degrees (only!); so we threw all the windows open, turned off the AC, and turned up the stereo.  There's a lot to be said for taking Happy Hour and After Dinner Whiskey Hour on the verandah while enjoying full-fidelity from your sound system, as opposed to Pandora on the tinny but adequate Evo (cell phone).  I loves me some Fall weather.


  1. The Cars was (were?) my first concert. Tingley Coloseum at the (NM)state fairgrounds October of '79. They opened for Styx. I was there for Styx but I dug Cars so much for that concert I became a huge fan (the point I suppose for opening). Got all the albums, including one I haven't gotten around to cracking yet, "Move Like This" with the cover tease sticker quote from "Rolling Stone," "All the precise swagger, art-rock minimalism and chrome-gleam pop of their classic hits." So one day we'll see about that.

    They capitalized early on the burgeoning video market. And the music during that scene (ahem) in "Fast Times" with Phoebe Cates (I know you're not a movie guy) probably didn't hurt sales one bit.

  2. Ah ... The Cars. I have, oddly, fond memories of getting completely hammered on Molson Golden Ale at the tender age of 17 while listening to The Cars. That was a riotous time in my life with a boyfriend 4 years older than me. He had a van, he was 21 and life was, I thought, really good.

    And I guess for 17 years old it was really good. He turned out to be abusive unfortunately, and The Oracle saved me from him. Literally.

    Good times.

  3. I meant to suggest: get a docking station for your Evo cell phone. I have a very small JBL one at my office and I use it to listen to Pandora from my iPhone. It has very deep and rich sound for such a tiny thing.

    We also splurged on a Bose docking station for the house. It was pricey and totally worth it.

  4. Bob: I never saw The Cars, unfortunately. But like you, I have all their albums (except the newest one, which came out just recently). Ocasek & Co provided the soundtrack for some of the BEST times of my life.

    Kris: You got a docking station for your HOUSE? How on earth did you manage to dock the house? (I know: smart-ass!) That's a good idea, but rather low on my priority list at the moment.

    Listening to the Cars and drinkin' Molson in a van with a hot chick? Wow... that's the stuff teen-age dreams are made of, at least back in the '70s!

  5. Being from Boston and all, The Cars were part of a local selection of Gods (Aerosmith, J. Geils Band, Cars) who were considered "must see" or else you weren't really from Boston (oh, yeah, I guess you could throw "Boston" into that pool, too, though opportunities to see them were fewer.) I had a step up on the populace at-large because I actually rehearsed in the same building with them (for about twenty minutes in 1980, but still...)

  6. Ah - Boston-based bands of the 70s. What a list ... all of the music they produced (and continue to in some cases) still stands the test of time.

    Saw J. Geils on New Year's Eve 1982/1983. Oh dear lord what a killer concert THAT was. Insanity ruled the day - as did the flask of Jack Daniels in The Oracle's boot (he was just a boyfriend then, he would propose 3 weeks after the concert).

    Once again - good times.


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