Thursday, October 06, 2011


We knew it was coming, but still... what a terrible thing to read first thing in the morning.  The NYT eulogy is here, the Beeb's take is here.

RIP Mr. Jobs, and thanks for EVERYTHING.

Toon from the usual source.


  1. Yup, he was, in a word, brilliant. Although he was in the news many times, it was seldom about him. That's a legacy to be really proud of.

  2. OK, I’ll be that guy…

    A tad overstated the ‘toon is, I mean I don’t use what Mr. Jobs brought to being, but I can’t do without what Ole Ben and Thomas did.

  3. Point taken, Small-Tee. Still and even, Jobs did contribute a lot, including what his competition did to match his products.

  4. Brilliance in what seems was a very humble package. It was never about him; kept his private life - private. Kept his politics to himself.

    He let his innovations speak for themselves. And indeed they have.

    He revolutionized personal computing. Sure not everyone avails themselves of iPods, iPhones or iPads however the technology he introduced with these devices has already - and will continue to - change how we interact in our lives. Perhaps not directly however I believe that these 3 small things will cause ripples that will be felt for a very long time.

  5. More than that. he was a Tesla to an Edison, a Madison to Franklin. Such as he we will never again see.

  6. Who's your Daddy07 October, 2011 00:49

    Asked why he finally decided to give some personal information at the final hours to his biography, he said he wanted his children to know him.

    Very sad. My dad wasn't a billionaire, but at least I din't have to read a book to find out who he was.

    He should have stepped down after his transplant. That's God's way of telling you to get to know your family. Borrowed time, and all that.

    Did he really need to go to the office anymore?

    I mean, after you're a billionaire, with a billion more coming in every year from stocks, do you think maybe the junior varsity is ready to move up?


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