Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Today's Playlist

We're still goin' through the back pages o' the music collection and here's what we're on about today:

The Police's greatest hits; a nice compendium.  Which is to say this CD has the essentials and it serves to take up The Police slack, since most of my Police albums are on vinyl and in the custody of SN2.  For safekeeping, doncha know.

Joe Cocker's "Sheffield Steel" album... more about which you'll find below.  I think Cocker is one of the most underrated singers to come out of the '60s and '70s... YMMV, Gentle Reader.

Jerry Garcia's eponymous "Garcia."  I simply LOVE this album... lots.  It's one of the very few albums I immediately replaced with the CD version when I shipped off my vinyl to SN2 for safekeeping.

Van Morrison's "It's Too Late to Stop Now," a two-disc live set recorded in Los Angeles and London in 1973, when The Man was arguably at the very height of his powers.  Arguably.  One thing ya can't argue about: the version of "Listen to the Lion" on this album is the best evar.  We're almost 40 years removed from the time I first heard this tune and I STILL get goosebumps when I hear it.  Powerful.

We said there'd be more from/about Joe Cocker... and there is.  Here's my favorite cut from "Sheffield Steel," done live.  Just brilliant.

Maybe someday I really will forget
And start to live again; a life without regret
Funny isn't it? But the man ain't laughin' yet
Does love really last forever?
Does the ocean miss the sunset every time?
Poignant, eh?


  1. I'm so totally ignorant of music. I may know the name, but not the music. I blame it on marriage - no money when we got married or for the next ten years to spend on much of anything fun - other than beer.

  2. Ah well ... you know how I feel about The Police. I've had a lust/love thing for Sting since around 1979 right thru to ... now. Never did see The Police in concert but we are zeroing in on our 2nd concert with the great man himself in just 2 weeks.

    sigh - he may be 60 years old now but Sting still has it - all of it.

  3. The Police are proof that Jamaican music really does sound better electrified.

    ...sorry Marley... :-)

    Here's Connie doing Marley:

  4. Lou: It's never too late, yanno?

    Kris: You're fortunate you live in an area that's "in the concert loop/circuit." I really miss that, among other thangs.

    Anon: That was a cute vid. I LIKE Marley and have a few of his albums. ALL us Old Former Wannabee Hippies do.

  5. Buck, thanks for the tracks. Good stuff. I really liked that Joe Cocker number; poignant is right.


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