Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Rain and Cain Falls Mainly In Yer Brain

First, Michael Ramirez from the Usual Source:

I'm giving Herman Cain a closer look... me and thousands of other conservatives.  I see that Mr. Cain is tied for second place in the latest poll concerning the GOP nomination derby, behind front-runner Romney and tied with my guv'nor.  I was rather surprised when I read about that yesterday.  

All that said, Daniel Henninger has a good piece on Mr. Cain in the September 29th WSJ, which is still available to non-subscribers.  A couple o' excerpts:
Does a résumé like Herman Cain's add up to an American presidency? I used to think not. But after watching the American Idol system we've fallen into for discovering a president—with opinion polls, tongue slips and media caprice deciding front-runners and even presidents—I'm rewriting my presidential-selection software.


Put it this way: The GOP nominee is running against the incumbent president. Unlike the incumbent, Herman Cain has at least twice identified the causes of a large failing enterprise, designed goals, achieved them, and by all accounts inspired the people he was supposed to lead. Not least, Mr. Cain's life experience suggests that, unlike the incumbent, he will adjust his ideas to reality. 

Herman Cain is a credible candidate. Whether he deserves to be president is something voters will decide. But he deserves a serious look. 
Mr. Henninger recaps Mr. Cain's career in his piece; it's worth the read if you want to know more about Mr. Cain. 

For the record:  I'm still undecided.


I awoke to the sound of thunder this morning and thought "Hey!  Mebbe there's rain with all this noise!"  And, lo!  I opened the blinds and gazed out on (a) gentle rain that had obviously been falling for quite some time and (b) Lake 17th Street.  I've mentioned before that P-Ville has piss-poor drainage like most towns in the American West and even provided cheesy video of our drainage "system," including the infamous (in local circles) 18th Street.  Well, 17th Street is apparently a major tributary to River 18... note:

I'm thinkin' there's at least two inches of running water right outside my door.  Who knew I was getting a lake-front rental?

Update, 1050 hrs:  Just to show ya how much water was flowing in the pic above, here we are a couple o' hours later:

Lake 17th Street, indeed.


  1. Who knew I was getting a lake-front rental? And you didn't even have to pay extra for it!

  2. I think the price was factored into my rent, Deb. Unbeknownst to me, of course.

  3. Ya gotta be careful what you wish for, or in certain cases remember. We had our share (1.52 inches) of rain over the last 48 hours. The thunder stuff is predicted for this afternoon and evening.

  4. Oh yeah, about Cain: What I like is that he doesn't seem to have any baggage. I guess that can be chalked up to the fact he's never held an elected political office. The concern I have about him is his business experience may not translate into running a government entity because the gov't employees are a totally different animal and don't see things the way the people who work for a living do (HSWHTPFIHC)<---

    v-word = defie

  5. Hey, you could have gone "tubing" Texas style -- floating on an inner tube attached to another tube holding a cooler of cold beverages. TubeTexas. :-)

    ...American Idol system for discovering a prez candidate -- too sadly true.

  6. Given how the last couple of Presidents we have had aren't much to talk about as far as running things, I would be willing to give someone like Cain a shot.

    If you know how to run a business, where you are also looking at the bottom line while maximizing what you do spend on, instead of going in with thinking that the government can always print more and tax more to cover things, I would think that a fresh approach is something to try.

    It hasn't been working as deficits keep climbing and government keeps growing, so why not take more of a business approach to the government? Jobs is the number issue that needs to be addressed as well. Knowing how business works could help with knowing what it would take to get companies to hire workers.

    Duh One certainly doesn't have a clue. Romney is just a Clinton lite. Perry had been a Democrat, and sounds pretty liberal about some things that our country can't afford to ignore. I would go with Perry over Romney, but Cain is an impressive candidate and might get the black voters to realize that they are racist with the way they vote. It won't be a big swing with the black voters, but might be enough to stop that voting block from being the usual slaves on their plantation.

    These times require a tough hand, and a new approach. Maybe, just maybe Cain could be that new way.

  7. The flamingos can have a little bird bath.

    wv: meddz. This politics business makes me feel like I'm off mine.

  8. I was reading the comments...and had to comment...just because, and I'm NOT kidding here...

    WV: condom

    Really? Who'd have thunk it?

    I'll leave it at that...


  9. I think you'd better buy a fishing pole - practice casting from your verandah.

    I don't know much about Cain. Hank Williams Jr. likes him and that is a bit scary.

  10. Skip: I'm thinkin' we got at least a half inch o' rain, based on what I saw when I woke up. We could use an inch more, too.

    In re: Cain. Your point about gub'mint workers is well-taken: it's damned near impossible to fire the incompetents or the lazy... that's the one remaining advantage of private enterprise. But I'm inclined to give Cain a shot at the moment.

    Red: I've seen kids in those inflatable rafts and dinghies on 18th Street after a hard rain... the run-off is THAT deep. So your tubing thang ain't beyond the realm of possibility.

    Anon: Perry was a conservative Southern Democrat at a point in time when that sorta political persuasion was more conservative than some northerners (like Romney is now). I credit blog-bud Loosy-anna for educating me on that point. Other than that? We're in agreement.

    Andy: The birds DID get bathed this morning.

    Buck: Google NEVER fails to amaze.

    Lou: Cain has my attention now. Does that scare ya?

  11. That would be "blog-bud Loosy-anna ANDY"

  12. I refuse to get excited about any candidate, until they tell me who they are thinking about for their cabinet.

    That's the secret recipe.

    Presidents are as effective as their cabinet.

    It seems to be just musical chairs in DC, as the same people have been running the country for over 25 years.

  13. Buck, I know that the southern democrats had a number of conservative principles, but Perry has a bit of liberal in him. His stance on illegal immigration for one. Perry would be far better than Duh One, then again, so would a bag of rocks with moss on them.

    Kind of a low bar Zero has set.

    None of the Republican candidates are standing way above the others, and to remove the current occupant I'd vote for just about any candidate running against him.

    Cain would be interesting, but the establishment Republicans aren't on board with him. Of course, they weren't on board with Reagan either. Reagan was "unelectable".

    I don't see where any celebrity liking a candidate is a positive or a negative. Oprah loves Duh One. So, what does that mean? Nothing.

    Seeing the lake in front of your place, I'm left wondering, how could this be, Duh One promised that this was the moment when the oceans would slow their rise... heh.

  14. Anon1: But candidates NEVER say who's gonna be in their cabinet, do they? I've never heard anyone announce their potential team until well after the election is over and done.

    Anon2: I'd vote for anyone running against Obama, but the bloom is fading from my Perry-rose as we speak. I hate to even think about it but I'm beginning to believe we're gonna have a President Romney.

  15. Buck, I remain undecided too. I like Cain but I share Uncle Skip's concern about trying to deal with the government "workers" and bureaucrats; also I didn't like his quick "racism" response to that ridiculous non-story about the name of Perry's ranch.

  16. Remember, until just a few years ago, there were no Republicans in Texas. The Southern Conservative Democrats had sway. When the Democrat Party moved left in a big way, most of these guys changed parties, but didn't change their minds, attitudes or what the supported. The move to where their perspective was mainstream to the party and were not out of sync with the majority of those that identified themselves with a D after their name.
    I've been following Cain since before the last election and like alot of what he has to say and the way he carries himself. Just a bit concerned with his 999 plan as it adds a federal sales tax without removing something else. We'll see......ABO (anyone but Obama)

  17. The field needs to be weeded out more. Perry has raised an almost ungodly amount of money in a crazy-short period of time. Perhapsh he can use it to turn his campaign around.

    I am - on the fence. And will likely remain here until the primaries next year.

    That said - I have to believe at this point that anyone will be better than P.BO.

    Well, expect for tinfoilhat-man Ron Paul.


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