Thursday, October 06, 2011

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

A cut from Kim Wilde's "Select" album (Why yes... that IS from Former Happy Days, why do you ask?)...

And I won`t really care if we can`t meet again
You just live your life I`m just a night to pass 
You`re just a dream that couldn`t last 
Take me tonight 
Take me tonight 
Take me tonight 
I want you, I want you - want me too? 

No way of knowing just where my life`s going 
Who cares if it`s wrong or it`s right
When all I believe in is just how I`m feeling tonight
How VERY '80s, eh?  Or '70s... take your pick.  And yeah, I DO seem to be on about Loose Women of late, don't I?  Well, "Loose Women" has negative connotations, I'm more on about the joys of mutual consent and opportunities.  Let's drink to that.

One more from the same album and then we'll go:

If you come over
If you come over - I could be good for you
Wouldn't you please me
It could be easy

Just stay here for a night or two

Darlin', can you come over

Can you come over - meet me tonight
Heh.  I'm such a slut.  Or, I was such a slut, before I trudged over that hill.


  1. I seem to remember that hill myself. But it was pretty far back there. Enjoyed the tracks.

  2. I think just realizing you've topped the hill and are on the other side is kinda traumatic. But Hey! it's better than the alternative.


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