Thursday, October 06, 2011


If ya need me I'll be parked in front o' the teevee for the better part o' the next couple o' days.  But don't expect me to pay much attention to ya if ya call at an inopportune time... unless it's to watch a replay and say sumthin' like "GREAT goal!" or "Damn... What a hit!"  Otherwise?  Save your time and breath.

My agenda:

The best thing about hockey season this year is I now have satellite teevee, as opposed to Comcrap cable, which offered NOTHING for hockey lovers beyond Versus and the odd game on NBC.  This year?  We have Versus, NBC, and ALL of the Fox Sports local channels... which means we'll be watching the beloved Wings' opener tomorrow night.  In the meantime we shall warm up by watching Bawston beat the miserable Flyers and their new Captain Lurch, followed by the Canucks mercilessly thumping the Flightless Birds.  Hopefully.  Part o' the fun o' the game is watching the teams you hate actively dislike lose.

Drop the puck!  Let's Go Red Wings!!


  1. Don't get your hopes up for those local Fox Sports channels. I had Directv with every single one of them, and they all have enormous blackout zones. Very, very few of them televised any hockey games in my area.

    Having said that, I will be, ahem, AT, ahem, the Avs/Wings game on Saturday in Denver. Forsberg retirement ceremony for pre-game. Wheeeeeeeeee!

  2. I actually skimmed a hockey article this morning and saw that the season was starting up. I'm so proud of myself.

  3. I get a little ticked at Directv.
    We live over 200 miles from Knoxville, and they still black out the football games. No U. of Tn. action for us!
    But, we do get a lot of hockey games! GO WINGS!

  4. Andy: I've caught a couple o' pre-season games on Fox-Detroit and am HOPING the game won't be blacked out tomorrow.

    As for Saturday... shouldn't the Avs have selected an opponent they could actually BEAT for Forsberg's banner-raising? Say... Edmonton or someone like them? ;-)

    Lou: I'm proud o' you, too!

    Ed: You have the CORRECT spirit!

  5. I was watching ESPN when Barry Melrose and Matthew Barnaby were discussing how the officials were going to make a bigger effort to halt injuries to stars such as the concussion Sidney Crosby suffered. My thought was they should make an effort to keep all of the players from those injuries.

  6. IT - They are. Those guys must have just not been careful with their wording. So far in the preseason, anyone who hits anyone in the head is getting significant suspensions. Even if it's accidental. Of course, each occurrence is reviewed, but the majority of contact with the head has resulted in a suspension, no matter who it was against. I think we'll be seeing a large decrease in concussions this year.

    There's some better helmets in use, too, but for some reason the NHL hasn't made them mandatory.

  7. Hays! Almost as good as college football overload!


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