Friday, October 07, 2011

I Was Pissed...

... but I can't stay that way for long, really, and I suppose some s'plainin' is in order.  I'm just back from the post office, where I explained to my friendly local postal service employee that I was "officially upset;" please note that I did NOT use the words I felt like using (Yay, me!).  Upset because I filed a change of address on 9/18, with an effective date of 9/20, and received an advertisement-laden confirmation from the USPS acknowledging the change on or about 9/20.  Today marks the 17th day since the change went into effect and I have received ZERO forwarded mail.  So... off to the post office I went.

And, yes... my change had fallen through the cracks and mail was still being delivered to my old address at Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park; the carrier had not been advised of the change.  So here's why I can't stay pissed: one of the guys at the PO, a supervisor, got into his truck and drove out to BLHTP for the express purpose of opening the mail kiosk and personally handing me my mail... which was considerable in amount... all the while apologizing, too.  That was pretty danged nice of him, actually, and you can chalk that up as another of the many "joys of small town living."

In other news of the not-pissed-for-long... I shall have my desk before the end of the day.  Now I'll have no excuse for not getting the office in order.  I'm kinda happy about that.  Sorta.


  1. I believe "fall through the cracks" is one of the USPS mission statements. To wit: Idle Sioux City postal workers to earn millions. At least your PO supervisor earned his keep today.

    Hope that desk turns out to be everything you hoped it would be, with no hassles.

  2. Another good example of how "The Government" is so reviled, yet the individuals within it, whom we meet, are often some of the nicest folks on the planet.

  3. Small town postal employees are usually very handy. I guess now and then they do slip up. Now me, I never make a mistake.

  4. Red: Your link is a prime example of why there should be NO public sector unions. As for the desk... it's almost 1630 and it still hasn't arrived. (sigh)

    Jim: This case is an exception that proves the rule.

    Now me, I never make a mistake.

    You too, Lou? I thought **I** was the only one!

  5. Actually, I have a (true) story about a very nice and helpful person at the IRS.

    Hey, it happens.

  6. Barry: Well, that's pretty danged unique!!

  7. Yeah, you know that the USPS is among my very favorite institutions. But, small town is good. Hopefully, I can experience that helpful, neighborly atmosphere if we ever get Moogie's Retirement Villa built.

    Fall through the cracks is one of the USPS mission statements. Heh. Good one, Red.

  8. But, small town is good.

    Generally speaking, yes. But there are times when I'd kill for a night on Bourbon Street, followed up with beignets and strong coffee at dawn...


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