Saturday, October 01, 2011

The New Normal

A Gary Varvel toon, from the Usual Source:

Lex had a lot to say yesterday... and all of it good... along these same lines.  An excerpt:
All of the things you learned growing up in the 40s, 50s, and 60s about the birth and growth of a great nation were lies, gentle reader. And the generations that came after you know it. They do not get a “both/and” or “yes/but” course of instruction in the history of the great (dead/white) men that built this land, with their very real sins contextualized to the times they lived in. What they have learned instead is that American exceptionalism, to the degree that it exists at all, is a great litany of uniquely American mortal sins; over-indulgence, global warming, greed, hubris, and a whole host of “isms”:  Colonialism, militarism, and imperialism. But far and away they have been taught about our worst sin of all, racism. This is a sin that can never be fully expiated, no matter how many over-credentialed and under-qualified community organizers of color we elect to lead the free world.

But we can try, can’t we? So instead of national greatness, our students are lectured on the moral imperative of “diversity” by unionized public servants who seem to care more about the size of their paychecks than the number of students in their classrooms. The new priests of orthodox mediocrity have been for two generations teaching our children to kneel with them at the sacred altar of government, from whom all blessings flow and to whom all things should be given, apart from some spare necessities suitable to their plebeian status as cogs in the great wheel of government-driven society.
Synchronicity.  RTWT.


  1. ...over-credentialed and under-qualified community organizers... and ...unionized public servants...

    So here's my read:
    Membership in organized labor is down, but it about unanimous in education where it has the most influence. Worse, they've all drunk the Kool-aid.

  2. Well, that starts the day off lower than a snake's belly in a rut. Sheesh.

    So, I guess we should all just accept that if you don't believe in racism, you're a racist. We're doomed.

  3. I know the communist agenda that was talked about in Congress in the 50's or 60's, stated one goal was to take over the school system.

    Hitler (and I'm not equating the education stance to Nazi's) knew that the way to cement power was to control the message to the youth so that the future would be shaped by what they were taught to think.

    Our education system has moved away from teaching fundamentals, they have moved away from encouraging the young minds to think critically, they have turned toward rote group think where faults are exaggerated to a point where they are taught as if they were the driving force rather than the strengths being the driving force.

    Morality has changed to having nothing to do with religion and everything to do with what nanny government says it is, depending on party affiliations. (Sexual misconduct is a badge of honor for the left, but is a firing offense for the right.)

    heh... magic wordy thingy: evaggra

  4. Invest, don't just Spend01 October, 2011 12:14

    What a bunch of crap. Everyone knows about home school, private schools, and religious schools.

    The only reason people send their kids to public schools, is because they are cheap mindless bastards.

    The only answer is to give the family a voucher. Let them decide who will educate their kids (if anyone outside the family).

    When school administrators make more money than teachers, and administrators are almost always political positions, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what needs to be changed.

  5. Innit strange how the more the feds got involved [gave mandates] in education, the less educated the students became... or is that just my imagination. We used to just have pockets of ignorance. Now the entire country is dumbing down.

  6. IT: I think public-sector unions should be banned... but what do I know?

    Moogie: Sorry to post such a downer, but things ARE pretty bleak.

    Anon: Your points are well taken.

    What a bunch of crap. Everyone knows about home school, private schools, and religious schools.

    You don't get a college degree from home-schooling, Invest. My particular angst in this space is more focused on The Academy (University) which, outside of the engineering schools, are turning out some serious dumb-asses...particularly in the big-ass state schools. Fully-indoctrinated dumb-asses, too.

    The only reason people send their kids to public schools, is because they are cheap mindless bastards.

    Or they (parents) can't afford a private school. There are more reasons than "they're cheap" for sending kids to public schools... and not everyone has the wherewithal to home-school.

    Other than that? We're in agreement.

    Ivan: I'm ALL for abolishing the Dept of Education. The DoE is the classic example of gub'mint over-reach. IMHO.

  7. I think most business schools are still pretty much in the conservative ranks, Buck. A number of years ago, when there was a small movement to unionize the faculty at UALR, the College of Business Admin and the Law School faculty were not even included in the voting class. Of course, the law school has now succumbed to the dark side and hence gets no more money from the Moogie household . . . .

  8. In all my years of homeschooling, no one ever asked, "Don't you worry about getting the best education for your kids?" Instead, they asked, "What about socialization?" So, I assume people send their kids to public school to be socialized.

  9. Moogie: Point taken on Biz Schools, with the possible exception of those that still teach Keynes. But that's more economics than bid'niz and I realize there IS a difference.

    Lou: Zing! Nice one. ;-)


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