Friday, September 30, 2011

NOT Funny

First, something of redeeming social value, mainly to ease my guilty conscience and make me think EIP just ain't all about ME (even though it mostly is), from Steve Kelley at the Usual Source:

Thank The Deity At Hand MY performance reviews were never like that.


In other not funny news...  I spread my household furnishing dollars around and among three local bid'nizes, for no particular reason other than... well, for no reason, period.  Two of those three bid'nizes were quick and responsive, delivering the furniture I bought either on-time or earlier than expected.  The third?  Not so much.  I ordered my desk well over six weeks ago and was informed yesterday the anticipated delivery date is October 10.  Of this year, hopefully.  OTOH, I just might seek out alternatives but I'm undecided at the the moment.

We may not have a desk but we have a desk chair, said chair arriving via The Brown Truck O' Happiness yesterday.  That was pretty damned quick, seein' as how I bought (ordered) the thing at Office Max this past Tuesday.  I also received a 230-CD storage rack I ordered from Amazon on that very same Tuesday... and spent about two hours, give or take ten minutes or so, assembling both items.  Wonder o' wonders: both chair and storage rack went together easily (if not quickly) and I had NO left-over parts.  That's the good news.  The bad news is I seriously misunderestimated how many CDs I have and must order another rack of equal or greater capacity.  It's always sumthin'...

Further assembly news...  The carport assembly people are still assembling and they've been at this for a full week now.  The landscapers are done landscaping, at least in my general vicinity, and Boy Howdy! am I glad about THAT.  I have some major cleaning to do on the verandah now that the mini-dust-bowl generators are finished.  Well, they're not finished, they've just moved down to the other building... and I suppose there will be more dust, just not as much and not as up-close-and-personal.

I'll have pictures as soon as the carport is done.


  1. I try to patronize local businesses if possible...and if they deserve it. There's always one that doesn't; too bad you got the tardy business on your all-important desk. That's just really frustrating for you, to say the least.

  2. In my experience furniture is one of those items not always ready to deliver... unless the dealer is ready to send the floor sample. Independents are better than chains about this. The chains seldom stock the merchandise and must order from the manufacturer, who in turn will wait until there are a number of the same item before beginning the process. Sometimes the delay can be more than six months.
    My first question when purchasing furniture came to be, "Is it in stock?"

  3. Red: Well, the desk ain't ALL-important; there are work-arounds. Sitting on one of my spiffy new bar stools and working on the laptop at the kitchen counter is one such. I'd have been MUCH more pissed if, say, my bed had been similarly delayed.

    Skip: "Is it in stock" really was my operative question, except for when I was shopping in August and my move-in date was a month away. I figured... wrongly, as it turns out... that I could accept the usual "four to six weeks" song 'n' dance furniture retailers give ya. This desk debacle is in its eighth or ninth week, as we speak.

  4. I love it when there are no parts leftover!

    Do you suppose the desk manufacturer ordered the wood for the desk from the Gibson plant in Tennessee and it was confiscated by the Feds and now the manufacturer has to find another wood source? Or maybe they're just growing the tree. You're a more patient person than I.

  5. I ordered a glass and chrome desk, Moogie. Mebbe they had to smelt the steel, cook the glass, yadda, yadda.


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