Saturday, October 01, 2011

Just a Few Pics

I promised a few pics of the premises after the carport assemblers and dirt-movers finished up outside of the Inmóvil Casa de Pennington... and here they are:

TGH reposing in the shade and goin' topless, free from fear o' birdshit

Some of the flora visible here; anyone know what those spiky thangs are?
I just noticed this today... there's a downside to living in the end unit.  Middle-unit tenants have twice the verandah space as I do, but I can live with that.  My porch seats four comfortably; I know this from experience.

Speakin' o' the middle unit... I met my next door neighbor earlier today.  Her name is Franka and she's an Italian divorcee from Venice.  We exchanged brief life stories in the space of about 15 minutes and hers is pretty sad, without goin' into any detail.  Suffice it to say she's stranded in the USA as a result of her divorce and a child custody ruling that won't let her go back home with her daughter.  Too sad.  She seems like a very nice lady and she has one of those KILLER accents that tend to make men swoon, present company included.

I told SN1 I'd post updated pictures of the interior, featuring the new additions to the furnishings.  So...

The new bar stools at the kitchen counter, which does double-duty as my makeshift office
This pic mainly serves to illustrate the new rug... and my cleaned-up-just-for-this-photo coffee table
Life is pretty damned good at the moment.  One interesting fall-out from this new life... although it may or may NOT be related... is I've been on a more-or-less normal sleeping schedule of late.  Granddaughters Felicity, Monique, Lis' main squeeze Diego and I went over to The Big(ger) City™ last evening for dinner.  We had a few drinks in the Inmóvil Casa after dinner (Diego and I managing to destroy a third of a bottle o' single malt in the process) and I went to bed shortly after they left at 2230 hrs, well-fed and well-oiled.  I woke up at 0630 this morning, paid the bills, ran over to Clovis and out to the base, and was home with all errands completed before noon.  Imagine that.


  1. I think those are what we call butterfly bushes. They are drought tolerant. I know this because I haven't killed ours yet.
    If you have swallows, the birdshit will come.
    Like the rug. Is that a hefeweizen?

  2. I've never seen a swallow in these parts, Skip. That doesn't mean they don't exist, though. ;-)

    And yes... that IS a hefeweizen (of the Shiner variety). Good eye!

  3. The place is looking quite cozy. Love the rug! Franka sounds interesting.

  4. Lou: I only skimmed the surface where Franka is concerned. And yeah, she IS interesting... in every sense of the word. Thanks for your other observations!

  5. Love your place~
    Sad news Franka can't go back home but who knows what the future will hold for her :)

  6. Nice Digs My Friend! Swallows do inhabit the High Plains/Plateau of ECNM. Seen em at Pedernal, Yeso, Ft. Sumner, Melrose, Vaughn and other such places.
    But keep em from nesting under there and it will all be good.
    No Grass!!!!!!!!!!!! No Mowing!!!!!!!!! That is good, really good.
    And as for the neighbour, let things happen. What ever happens is what happens. Karma. Got that from The Hyacinth Girl.

  7. I think the plants are some sort of drough resistant desert grass plants. I have butterfly bushes but they look more like lilac bushes.

    Franka sounds interesting but with a sad past. I am glad you are meeting some people there ... all women so far, I notice. :)

    Love your new furnishings, the place is really coming together. I have no idea what a hefeweizen is, but I love the colors.

  8. Make that droughT-resistant. :)

  9. stopsign: Yeah, the future CAN be murky as all get-out. ;-)

    Sharon: Hefeweizen is a kind o' wheat beer... unfiltered. And thanks for the kind words!

  10. Glenn: You got caught in my spam trap... and now Virgil has company! Thanks for the good words.

  11. I, too, like your new rug.

    It will be interesting to see if or how much this new place in life might change you. You had a very normal domesticated day, with family dinner, bed at a "normal" hour, the recommended 8 hours of sleep, up early, bills paid and errands done before noon. Don't get too normal, dear, I like you the way you are. ;-)

  12. Don't get too normal, dear, I like you the way you are. ;-)

    Heh. The chances of me even approaching "normal" are pretty slim, Red. Rest easy. ;-)

  13. Hey, nice to see everything coming together.

    Here in the Golden State, the metal roof carport offers us a hazard in the July-August timeframe in the form of big scary-looking spiders. They come out at night, and they seem to be fond of the way the metal retains the heat. My research suggested they are pumpkin spiders, which are harmless most of the time, but do secrete a venom with the females being more dangerous. So don't get too carried away with that top-down stuff.

    Looks good!

  14. I rarely park TGH with the top down, Morgan. There's too much dust in these parts for that. But I WILL keep my eye out for the spiders. Thanks!


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