Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Day, So Far

We accomplished today what we meant to do yesterday, which is to say we cruised over to The Big(ger) City™ where we got The Green Hornet a bath, then rode on over to Cannon Airplane Patch where we picked up this month's meds, hit the Class VI Store for the customary and reasonable beer re-stockage, and topped it all off with a major commissary run.  We were back home around noonish, put the groceries away (how pleasant that was, and I kid thee NOT: storage, and lots of it!), retrieved a shipment of cigars from the mailbox and promptly adjourned to the verandah for to partake of a Partagas Black and a 1554.  Rewards, yanno?

So... that's done and we're in the midst of preparing tomorrow's dinner today.  We'll feast on the Pennington variation of a London Broil tomorrow evening after letting the flank steak marinate over night.  Here's what the main course looks like before going into the marinade:

Note the 1.65 pound flank steak is lightly scored on both sides and will soon be immersed in marinade, consisting primarily of three-fourths of a bottle o' red New Mexico table wine, about a quarter cup o' Spanish olive oil, three cloves o' crushed garlic, a sprinkling of parsley, basil, thyme, pepper, and a couple o' bay leaves.  If this were Former Happy Days we'd be using fresh herbs from our herb garden but it ain't, so we won't.

We may or may not post pictures of the finished product tomorrow but rest assured it WILL be delicious.

Now we have to figger out what's dinner this evening and prepare for more hockey goodness later on.  Tonight it's the Wings against the Canucks, at The Joe.  It would be good if the Beloved Wings remain perfect on this young season, but Vancouver is coming off of a tough loss to the Flyers last evening and will be motivated.  We shall see...


  1. Nucks/Wings. Couldn't find a situation that would make it harder for me to figure out who to root against. There is nobody to root for, that's all I am sure of here.

    Looking for my Avs to improve to 3-1, against their old goalie tonight. It is an odd thing, watching my team now that it has defense and a fantastic (so far, fingers crossed) goalie.

  2. It will be a stretch, but seeing as how you are preparing such a beautiful dinner for tomorrow, I will be there. Just name the time.


    That London Broil marinade sounds heavenly. What are the sides going to be? Baked Potato? Veggies? Salad?

  3. Andy: I might jump back and forth between my game and yours. We'll see.

    Anon: I thinkin' dinner will be served sometime between 1800 and 1900 hrs. Sides? Parsley potatoes, beets, and a green salad. I MIGHT go looking for some French bread if I get seriously motivated tomorrow, in which case we'll add garlic bread to all that.

  4. Your day sounds much better than mine. We went to Lowes, Home Depot, and back to Lowes. We stopped at a furniture store to see a specific brand couch, which they had sold out of. We then made one more lumberyard. I was worn out at this point, but still needed to stop at Wal-Mart. Yeha. When we got home, Toby made me work on the sinks again. I'm running away from home this weekend.

  5. Jupiter has Risen13 October, 2011 19:52

    Don't forget to go outside and see Jupiter tonight if you have clear skies!

    It's as bright as the moon, but a few miles farther away (wink)...

  6. Beets? I'm coming over for dinner too, since my husband hates I never serve them.

    I love the look of that classic old wooden-handled knife. Nothing like a an old well-used, well-loved kitchen implement.

    You have a mailbox out front now, instead of making a trip to the PO? Another perk of your move?

  7. What time did you say you would have my dinner ready? :)

  8. Commisary runs are good. ;-)
    got hold of some nice USDA Beef loin at Ramstein last weekend. eurpean beef just ain´t the same

  9. MAN that looks good...

    BTW, I just recommended your blog to readers in this Blog-hop I'm doing.

  10. I'm running away from home this weekend.

    Yeah, but ya ain't goin' FAR, are ya? ;-)

    Jupiter: Our star (and planet) gazing was overcome by hockey events...

    I love the look of that classic old wooden-handled knife. Nothing like a an old well-used, well-loved kitchen implement.

    I've had that knife since 1978, Red. It's gotten a LOT o' use! And yeah, there's a mailbox about 30 paces from my front door, so that's another life-improvement.

    stopsign: Between 1800 and 1900 hrs. Bring wine. Red wine. ;-)

    Matt: Thank ya, Sir!

  11. No, I'm not. And I will be back.

  12. My favorite, but not exclusive, cooking source:

    It's only a 2 minutes read regarding this. I've had good results with smashed kiwi on red meat, but I'm not normal.
    I notice your framed Air Force service flag on the counter top.. that's excellent to see Buck. :)

  13. Good eye, marc... and thanks for noticing.

  14. Your day sounds better than mine, too. But, then, any day spent shopping, drinking, and in the kitchen is preferable to unexpectedly hanging around in a hospital gown hooked up to all kinds of technology.

    But, I'm home now and intend to emulate your Thursday's activities!

  15. I'm just glad you're well, Moogie. Cheers!


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