Sunday, October 23, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXIII

I haven't done one of these Broadening thangs in a while... what with us sticking to what we know best for well over a month now... so it's time.  Past time, actually.  So, there we were out at the Cannon Class VI Store this morning when we noticed a passel of these on the shelf:

That's a New Belgium Lips of Faith Super Cru, about which one of The Bros has this to say:
Big beer brewed with Asian pear juice. Shiny copper color; two-finger head drops to a thin ring of lace. Some vague floral fruitiness meets spiciness, with medicinal herb and alcohol in the nose. Some smoothness, slick with a big body. Mild tartness with a thick malty foundation, and a hint of sweetness up front. Toasted bread and ripe fruit soon make way for a more toasty, dry, almost broth-like flavor. Spicy, boozy alcohol, rose water and tropical fruit. Semidry finish clings to the booziness. A serious beer if strength is considered, though beyond that, it lacks a bit of depth that was expected. A tasty brew nonetheless.
The general consensus is the beer rates a B- and so much for criticism... I like it, even if it IS fruity, but it's not TOO fruity.  I'd give it a solid A, but you have to realize I'm predisposed to like pretty much everythang New Belgium puts out.  We've paired the brew up with an old favorite... an Acid Kuba Kuba.  Now it's time to adjourn to the verandah before the Smoking Police come and bust me for lighting a cigar inside the house.  Whatever will I do when winter comes?


  1. I would think the B- is kind of low after that imagery in the description. Sounds like something I would like anyway.

  2. Not to be a critic or anything, but ya' misspelled "Broadening" in the title.

    Just sayin' ;)

  3. What the hell are you talking about?

    re: "Smoking Police"

  4. Is Happy Hour now permanently inside? Your new digs are nice, but enjoying one outside now and then seemed rather nice.

  5. Ya know, Buck, thinking over how I pleaded with you to remain a "Road Warrior" mainly to fulfill MY romantic vision of you snug as a the proverbial bug on the plains of N. Mexico regardless of YOUR comfort level, I'm reminded of a conversation my father once had with a retired RR signal-man whose job meant he always rode in the caboose. Dad allowed as how that must have been a good gig all snug and warm in the caboose, etc., but the RR guy soon disabused him of the notion. "Just the opposite," he said. "In the summer it's hot, windy, and dusty as hell with no air-conditioning--you sweat like a pig. And in the winter it's cold as a well-digger's arse with huge drafts and nothing but a pot-bellied stove which means you freeze your backside off while the front near the stove gets roasted--it's an utterly miserable existence year round."

    So much for "Road Warrior" romanticism. LOL

  6. Lou: The beer is VERY strong...10% ABV. I did the one glass and then had a nap.

    Dave: How embarrassing! Thanks.

    ss: It DID hit the spot.

    marc: I have a "no smoking" clause in my lease.

    Jim: Happy Hour is outdoors more often than not, like 95% of the time. That's mainly because I can't have a cigar indoors.

    Virgil: Well, livin' in ECMdP was better than livin' in a caboose, but livin' where I do now is quite a lot better.

  7. Yum. I really fancy a beer too

    Hey Buck just thought I would give you a heads up that my pov was picked up and published by the Telegraph! After tweeting it last week I agreed to write up a darft and it was published today :)

  8. BIG grats, Alison!! Way-cool!


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