Sunday, October 23, 2011

Teh Funny and Teh Not-So-Funny



In other news...
Niklas Kronwall called the third period “a complete disaster.” ... “The final score is unacceptable,” Kronwall said. “They kept it simple, and we didn’t have any jump left in our legs. We can’t look like that.”
That's being VERY kind about the Wings' 7-1 loss debacle in Washington last night.  Early on in the game, before the Caps scored their first goal, SN1 and I discussed Babcock's decision to go with Ty Conklin, the Wings' number two goalie.  SN1 thought Jimmy Howard should have started such an important game and it looks like SN1 was right, in retrospect.  Conklin sucked, but he wasn't the only problem.  The Wings had way too many turn-overs and the Caps simply outplayed them for most of the second and third periods.  What a helluva outcome for Nick Lidstrom's 1,500th game!

Oh, well.  It's early days; every team has an off night every once in a while... but last night was truly an embarrassment.


  1. We've all been there. Wasn't the first, won't be the last. At least it wasn't at home. Where a team I know seems to be missing the point. And the points.

  2. Buck/

    The Res-Wings have, over time, on average, probably been the most consistently "very good" team of the last 50 years, no?

    IIRC the DISH network has a $99 pkg that gets you 40!!! NHL games/week all season long (can't remember if playoffs are incl, probably not) Do you have anything like that?


  3. If it's any consolation, UND's women's hockey team crushed Ohio State for the second time in a row last night, 7 to 1 (on Friday? 11-to-1). Ohio State was the #1 team in the WCHA at the time...

  4. Are you at least enjoying that big TV?

  5. Kings 1-Stars 0.
    Quick has 168:10 of shut out going.

  6. It is funny how a team will not show up as they were suppose to. Speakin' of - how 'bout them Red Raiders!

  7. Andy: Yeah, I hear ya on all counts. Ya just gotta roll with it.

    Virgil: I have NHL Center Ice and there's not too many games that aren't included in the package. I love it.

    Silver: That's some consolation! Good on the UND women!

    Red: I AM enjoying that teevee, a LOT.

    Lou: I laughed to myself all the rest of the night after that game was over... and in Norman, no less!! Yow!

  8. Yep -- we're just stirring that BCS pot!

    That cartoon was in our newspaper today. Good one.


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