Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Re-Run

We're still in the process of labeling posts albeit in a MUCH less anal-retentive fashion, which is to say we're doin' a few at a time... a process that's likely to take a year or more at the current rate.  But, all THAT said, we came across this lil gem this afternoon whilst labeling posts, drinkin' beer, and smokin' cigars...

Thievery. Again. Still.

So, I thought long and hard about posting this... for all of about three minutes... because someone is sure to get the wrong ideer about why I did so.  Or perhaps the right one.  It's funny, nonetheless.  Explicit, too.  <=== a half-assed warning.

So Phlegmmy has this theory about scorched-earth types, which is how she describes the woman in this vid.  On the one hand she's prolly correct in her thinking; OTOH she discounts the obvious pleasures derived from thinking up amusing and/or appropriate retribution scenarios.  And this vid has some great ones.  Not that I would know anything about that -- I've just heard stories, yanno?
Heh.  I take particular pleasure in the line about how she comes in and finds him "fuckin' your sister."  Well, I substitute "best friend" for sister, coz that's what fits... and we're ALL about truth in retributive fantasy.  Speakin' o' which... the comments on the original post are pretty funny.


  1. I need to start labeling my posts. At least, or especially, the ones about the kids. I like to think of them sitting down, years from now, and searching my blog for posts about them. Better than a photo album. Or just as good, anyway.

  2. That's one of the main reasons I'm doin' that labeling thang, Andy. Posterity, in some small manner.

  3. Can I make a confession here? Re-reading my post, I feel I was a little harsh on the artist, and I clearly loved the song and video, and sometimes scorched-earth views are cathartic, particularly when one has been cheated-on in a romantic relationship. When I posted that, I was very pointedly making a comment toward a particular person who was trying to make my life hell by giving me the silent treatment but lobbing barbs at and through our mutual associates. I wanted her to know that I laugh at her obvious derangement. Then again, even though she did (and does) "stealth" follow my blog, she might not have recognized herself. Fucking whore.

    On the silent treatment-- it's funny because people like that thing they are punishing you, when in fact, the silent treatment is SO WELCOME!

  4. ...particularly when one has been cheated-on in a romantic relationship.

    Once again... I've just heard stories, yanno? I thought your original post was quite good, actually... and the vid obviously rang a bell with me... or re-enforced those stories. ;-)


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