Saturday, September 10, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXII

I'm pretty sure I've never had a Shiner Oktoberfest and I'm semi-amazed at the oversight, mainly coz we loves us some beer from that lil ol' brewery in Spoetzl, Tejas.  Ain't it loverly?

My go-to guys for beer give Oktoberfest a B- and I think that's pretty harsh.  I'd give the brew a B+ if not an A-.  This beer is eminently drinkable.  Oktoberfest tastes superb... which is to say clean, slightly hoppy, with a very interesting and complex combination of flavors... and it goes down easy, almost too easy.  I'll have to be careful this afternoon.


I don't have much else to report.  The weather continues to be most pleasing, which is to say today will be our fourth consecutive day where our windows remain wide-open and the AC is off.   We got a lil rain last evening, too, but only enough to make The Green Hornet look like The Green Leopard.  Spots, Gentle Reader... LOTS o' spots.

I did a lil shopping this morning at the Super Save, the IGA market that's within walking distance of the new abode.  DIL Erma told me that Wally-World would soon be a thing in my past as far as grocery shopping is concerned, once I move.  I think she's right.  I've stopped in to the Super Save occasionally in the past to pick up an item or two but I've never done serious shopping there.  We got serious today and there's a lot to like about the place... the produce seems to be fresher and there's a much larger variety o' same; the employees are friendlier, and the prices are generally on-par with Wally-World, if not better.

And this might be a one-time-good-deal sorta thang, but there was this red-headed, 50-ish woman who kept smiling at me the whole time I was doin' my shopping.  We seemed to be in the same aisles at the same time throughout my shopping foray and she kept giving me these BIG smiles.  I looked around behind me the first time she smiled, mainly because I'm a member of that Over 40 White Male demographic and generally invisible to ALL women, regardless of age.  But... no.  No one behind me, or even near me.  Then again... it might have been my shirt:  

The message on the shirt has been known to make people smile.  But Hey!  It was nice, whatever the reason.


  1. I've had problems with IGA and their canned goods after I got serious about date stamps.

    Well, I'm sure canned goods are just fine for 100 years, but it really pisses me off to have to dig a cave for the newer cans.

    Being pissed also is bad for them, because I tend to make a mess of their shelf as I push crap around to dig out the stuff canned only 20 years ago...

  2. Anything is better than Wally-World.

    I'm "Red"(kinda)...I was recently "50-ish"(ha) know how smitten I am with your picture.......

    Draw your own conclusions, but I'm sure that woman was thinking you were the freshest deal in IGA that the nicest way, of course.

  3. I'm filing that beer away for my next trip to the store. For now it is a Red Hook ESB (or three), and a toot of a rye whiskey called Templeton. I'm loving it, and it's smooth, so I think you might like it, too. "Prohibition era recipe" they say. I'd be surprised if they made it this smooth in bathtubs and gutted furnaces, but I like it, no matter what they claim.

    WV: menta. Heh. One letter shy, Google-turds.

  4. Toby took a half-day and we spent the afternoon working on the house. About 8:00 pm, we finally sat down. He had a Modelo dark, and I had a Shiner Bock - the last two beers in the fridge. We called Jesse in WF to tell her to bring beer home. It is sure great that she is over 21 and living in WF.

    The T-shirt would make me smile, but then I laugh at all sorts of odd things.

  5. SuperSave has the best tortillas, they make them right there in the store! Agree on produce, and their milk is cheaper, even on sale every now and then for 2.50 a gallon. Bg deal when you go through 5-6 gallons a week like my family does.

  6. Spelunker: I don't "do" a lot o' canned goods and those I do... like Progresso soups... are usually brand-names. I don't trust generics or house brands, largely for the reasons you state.

    Red: Well, anything is better than W-W, IF you have choices. That's a big "if" in a town of approximately 17,000 people. And thanks for the positive re-enforcement!

    Andy: And I shall file away the Templeton Rye for future reference. Thanks!

    It is sure great that she is over 21 and living in WF.

    I imagine WF has a MUCH better beer selection than Duncan, too.

    Jenny: A local tortillaeria (Firefox doesn't like that word) is a blessing of the FIRST order!

  7. TIP: Dinty Moore makes the BEST canned Beef Stew--bachelors the world over agree--NEVER heard any say ANYTHING different.--and I agree.

    TIP: Good Chili is NOTHING w.o. a bottle of Shiner Bock thrown into the mix--but I won't get into the ins & outs of the various schools of chili thought about the "right" way to cook chili--like the subj of BBQ--Buck doesn't have enough bandwidth for that, lol.

  8. Abita has its Fall seasonal out on the shelves now. I think I'll take some to the kids when I head to Arkansas next week.

    I much prefer smaller markets to Wally World. Here's hoping the the redhead is a repeat smiler!

  9. Hormones and Shopping11 September, 2011 20:49

    I've always been a girl watcher in grocery stores. I also get a lot of nasty looks from their husbands.

    I once had the misfortune of telling this 8 (or so) year old girl that her mother was very pretty, just as her husband came around the corner.

    Picture myself defending a couple of punches with my box of ice cream! Held out like a crucifix.

    Ah well, today I saw a young girl half naked with tattoo's down to her nipples and a ring in her nose, including spikes in her eye-brows.

    I could have been looking at a dead salmon after spawning, for all the interest that girl produced in my hormone machine.

  10. Virgil: Thanks for the tips... and I practice both suggestions. Except I use Fat Tire in my chili.

    Moogie: You're SUCH a good Mom! And Roger That on the repeat smiler thang.

    Hormones: Funny story! Tats and piercings have the exact same effect on me: MAJOR turn offs.

  11. When I go to the bar every Saturday night to torment other drinkers with my catterwaul, I always drink Shiner Bock. Fine stuff, that! I really like their Ruby Red, which is the grapefruit/ginger beer. Delicious.

  12. I like the Ruby Red a lot too, Phlegmmy.


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