Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

It's just noon and we've already been oot and aboot... and accomplished quite a bit while we were at it, too.  I established water and electric accounts for the new place, got an installation date for my fiber connection from Yucca Telecom, and ran by the post office to pick up change of address cards.  Let me say this about that...

Get Off My Lawn!

Why?  Those handy, dandy change of address cards don't exist any longer.  USPS is SO 21st century now, in that you have to go to USPS.com and file your change of address there.  I'll bet THAT works really well... but I must admit I haven't tried it yet.  Still and even, this IS the post office we're talking about, innit?  You'd think those post cards worked well enough... but NO.  To say I'm apprehensive is understating the case.

I'll be without inner-nets for about ten days or so after I move, too.  Yucca gave me an installation appointment of 9/26 and my projected move date is on or about 9/15.  I don't really expect to move on the 15th, having already been advised by the property management company that that particular date will prolly slip.  But I'd BETTER be moved by the 26th, nu?

So.  We also went to Wally-World and bought food (and more beer), seein' as how the commissary was closed for Labor Day when I was out at the base yesterday.  Now I'm debating whether to kick off Happy Hour early or take a nap.  Decisions, decisions...


  1. I know a couple people that used USPS.com to change their home address. All I can say is "Good Luck."

    Any misguided mail will get probably get routed to you by kindly neighbors, and it will just make more fodder for GOML posts. :-)

  2. I had a package from my cousin in France. Went to the site, felt I was wasting my time. Then a guy called me the next day (I think they just let it ride for a day and see if it sorts itself out).

    Anyway he sounds like a military guy (you can tell), and I ask him if he was in the service. So now were best buds, and he says "that package isn't in the computer anywhere, but I can tell you it is in customs if it still exists. Give it a few more days."

    It all worked out, and there is a humanoid at the other end.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say, I have no mailbox anymore. My address is a PO box at the Post Office.

    It works out well, I take the mail, then throw it in their trash, and save time. Check it once a week.

    Same with garbage. When the bag fills up, I throw it in the truck and toss it into the company dumpster on the way to work.

    Although, I may have to change that soon, as the company now has a security camera on the dumpster, and the guard is on the lookout for dumpster divers. What a world...

  4. Busy indeed! You know about my love affair with the USPS (my password is "USPS3sucks"), so I definitely feel your pain. Post Katrina mail re-direction was an adventure, for nearly a year. Good luck.

    Had I seen this earlier, I would have voted Nap first, followed by an extended Happy Hour.

  5. Other than the fact that the mail comes to OK via a three legged donkey, I don't have too many complaints. They have some nice enough folk working at our USPS, but a bit lazy sometimes. They beat the hell out of the UPS folk around here.

    I had a fairly rough day, I wish I were joining you for that happy hour.

  6. We've always had pretty good luck with the internet system. Requires a credit card (you know, so they can make sure it's really YOU) and charges 1.00 if memory serves. If I recall, my pretty honey has had one of our girls actually go online and do it for us for the last couple of moves. Obviously this isn't my department, but I've been amazed in the past when it was done while we were rolling down the road from old residence to new...

    Good luck! Great to hear about the fiber date!


  7. Red: You validated my suspicions, and then SN1 comes along and sez it worked for him. Mebbbe it's a crap shoot?

    Anon: I've had good luck with the people at my post office but they're not involved with the web site, or so I assume.

    Moogie: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Heh. ;-)

    Lou: I wish ya coulda been here, too.

    Buck: Thank you! It's nice to hear sumthin' positive in this space.


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