Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXI

I mentioned in the post immediately below that I picked up more beer at Wally-World and it was this:

About which... we decided to give Santa Fe a third chance.  I really liked that Porter, sooo... we popped for a sixer of Santa Fe's Nut Brown Ale.  The folks at Beer Advocate give the brew a B- and I'm thinkin' that's about right.  Santa Fe won't be taking away any of Newcastle's bid'niz, but the beer is worthy.  It's cheaper than Newcastle, too, which prolly has sumthin' to do with transportation and duty costs.  But anyhoo... two out outta three ain't bad, according to Mr. Loaf (that means Yes on the Porter, Yes on the Nut Brown, and Fuck NO! on the Hefeweizen).  I'm thinkin' we'll try more of Santa Fe's output as time goes on.

Lastly... we obviously made that decision we alluded to below.


  1. Just for grins I Googled the Portales Walmart... never got beyond the quote:
    "Ive tried calling them and they dont pick up their phones"

    I was in the local Wally's. The phone I heard just rang and rang, and rang some more. It's like they're oblivious.

    The next time I'm there, I'll have to check out the adult beverage dept. and see what they carry.

  2. Thinking about WalMart gives me the willies. But, I'm glad that yours carries acceptable beer!

  3. Wal-mart is better than nothing, but I don't want to talk about buying beer in OK.

  4. You can buy meth in OK wal-mart, but no beer! :-)

  5. Y'know, if you can get State Pen Porter at Wally World, we have truly won the Beer Revolution! I'll drink to that....

    Once upon a time, when I usta visit Santa Fe Brewery in Galisteo, it was "Pojuaque Porter"

    The changed the name when they moved into their new digs off I-25 near the old Pen. The one the riot happened in.

    But it tastes good as ever.


  6. Speaking of which, Pojoaque is now Posuwaegeh; in the same fashion that Peking is now Beijing.

    Feeding the dog at the table....


  7. No comment on the posting, in particular, but just an observation that I really, really like your "Happy Hour" ritual. There is much good to be said about a brew and a good smoke at an appointed hour. I would need to up my brew consumption, and lower my smoke consumption, to follow suit. That would probably be a good thing.

  8. Skip: I've heard a lot o' horror stories about Wal-Mart. That said, I think ours here in P-Ville is pretty good.

    Moogie: Our beer selection at the local Wally-World is just acceptable, not quite up to "good."

    Lou: Buying beer in OK is... ummm... different. I usually bought mine on the base when I lived in OKC.

    Anon: Is that buying meth thang from personal experience? ;-)

    Gray: My local Wally-World doesn't carry too much Santa Fe product, but the fact they have any at ALL is reason enough to celebrate.

    Jim: Happy Hour is what keeps me sane or as close as I can get to that state, anyhoo.


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