Friday, September 09, 2011

We Have a Date...

... a move-in date.  I was by the future Casa de Pennington earlier this afternoon and wandered about inside for a while before setting off on the rest of my errands.  While I was inside I took a few more really bad phone-camera shots which I feel I must inflict upon you, Gentle Reader.  So...

Notice I have a built-in industrial-strength nuker above where the stove will sit.  And the BEST thing of all: a dishwasher (never mind that GREEN color)!  Which will lead me to resume one of my favorite old habits: livin' out of the dishwasher.  You know... run a load of dirty dishes and then use them, transferring the used dishes to the sink until such time as the dishwasher is empty, then rinse, repeat.  Oh... YES!  And then there's the counter space, which should lead to a few cookin' orgies until such time as I tire of that sorta thang.  OTOH, I may never tire of bein' able to really cook again.  Let us pray...

So.  We then proceeded out to Cannon Airplane Patch to pick up this month's supply of meds, with the usual customary and quite reasonable stop at the Class VI store for still more beer.  On the way home I whipped into the property management company to see if 9/15 was still a realistic occupancy date and was assured I can take possession NO later than 9/16.  Huzzah, and all that!

So, Part II.  I've been severely beaten about the head and shoulders for the past week for not taking advantage of family when it comes time to move, what with me planning to engage professional movers to do the deed.  But, that said, last night I relented and allowed as how it would be OK if DIL Erma journeyed down to P-Ville from the Wilds O' Kansas for the express purpose of relocating me and my stuff from El Casa Móvil de Pennington to the non-Móvil Casa.

We discussed a 9/20 move date last evening... all that's left is to confirm same, buy Erma a plane ticket, and try not to chew off my fingernails while waiting for this thang to go down.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  I think I'm gonna crack a beer or two to celebrate. 


  1. Congrats, Buck! The new place looks great!

  2. Park the RV by front door, spend the next couple of weeks moving items one by one as the mood fits??? Then sell taco's out of the RV during the week.


  3. Thanks, Staci. The place will look a LOT better once I'm in it. ;-)

    Anon: You have such a droll take on stuff and thangs. (Insert yet another smiley-face thingie here)

  4. Place looks great. Enjoy.

    One thing though, I have a feeling even if you weren't celebrating getting a move in date you would be cracking open a few beers.


    Cheers mate!

  5. I'm getting excited for you -- and all the moving pics!

    Anonymous is simply brilliant. Food trailers are the hottest thing in the big cities. You could really cook again and make money on the side. ;-)

    That dishwasher isn't really green, is it?! Please tell me that's just a plastic covering till construction is finished. of my favorite old habits: livin' out of the dishwasher... Dear God, a man habit. Thank goodness your DIL will lend a female presence to make sure your move gets done right. Just sayin' as a woman, heh. I like Erma; she takes good care of you.

  6. Good for you Buck, I know you will be counting the days! Are you going to miss the RV, you know, the sound of rain on the roof, the wind rocking it, and the frozen pipes in winter? Maybe you set some kind of record for "full timing" it in an RV!

  7. I'd come with the horse trailer/moving van, but heck, you can drive your old home to your new home. I really like Anon's idea.

    Having someone help you move is like having a maid, which I hate, because they get to see all your stuff. I can throw it in the closet and shut the door myself, thank you very much.

    I like the tile work.

  8. MY EYE'S! MY EYE'S!!!

    I'm blind, the Green burnt my retina.

    Hee, colors are overrated anyway.

    wv:holyche (hmm, there's humour in there somewhere)

  9. a dishwasher (never mind that GREEN color) AIIEE!! When I was scrolling through it caught my eye. I had to go back and confirm it was really true. Green? Seriously?

  10. Looking good all around Buck. Though I do echo the general sentiments about the dishwasher. I mean, really.

  11. But look at the tremendous upside, Buck, at least it's not early 70s AVACODO green.. :)

    Or, GAAAKK!!, is it??

    (Doesn't appear to be from here)

  12. It appears you're going to have a pretty serious chop saw, too?

  13. I'm generally invisible to most all women in that

    You've got my number, dontcha, Anon2.

    Red: I think the dishwasher really IS green... but most appliance manufacturers have slip-in inserts that can be changed. I PRAY that's the case here. And DIL Erma will be a great good thang with my move: she'll keep me straight.

    Maybe you set some kind of record for "full timing" it in an RV!

    I doubt that, Ed. There are members of my RV club that have been full-timing it for over 20 years. Srsly.

    Lou: I STILL might engage professional movers. The ideer of just driving the RV to the new place and unloading it is a non-starter. Getting an RV road-worthy... which is say securing everything so it can't move, rattle, or fall over... is a project in and of itself. Besides that, I want the thing as light as possible when I move it. These tires have been sitting in one place for NINE years.

    Retina: That green was the FIRST thing I noticed when I did my walk-through yesterday. I do NOT like it.

    Deb: Yep... green. Srsly.

    Virgil: The color is too damned close to "Avocado."

    Skip: Heh.

  14. I have a lesson learned for you.

    Go to the dollar store and get some plastic containers for your flour, sugar, oatmeal, etc.

    Big kitchens tend to make you buy all sorts of cooking ingredients.

    Being single, I use my flour about once a month. I just found a family of ant-like creatures had taken over my bag.

    I'm sure it is just added protein, but I really like flour that doesn't move while you stare at it.

    Anyway, I have a set of plastic jars now to hold all my (new) ingredients...

    Bonne courage!

  15. Looks great - congratulations!

  16. Bugs: All my consumables like flour and sugar are already encased in plastic. I have periodic piss-ant invasions here at ECMdP...

    Alison: Thank ya, Ma'am.

  17. This is soooo exciting!

    I'm really glad you relented about Erma, too. She does treat you well, indeed. Thinking about moving out of Moogie's Mansion in a few years gives me a mountain-sized headache. Wish I had an Erma!

    That green must go. It's more Godzilla's coming atomic green than avocado, and probably just as toxic.

    That's a great kitchen! You're gonna have a ball doing chef stuff -- can't wait for pics of your cilinary adventures! I like the tile backsplash, too.

    (Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I've been known to live out of the dishwasher from time to time when Peppers's gone!)

  18. Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I've been known to live out of the dishwasher from time to time...

    I KNEW it! ;-)


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