Thursday, August 04, 2011

Today's GOML Moment

I renewed my car insurance today and was semi-surprised to find I don't qualify for my company's best or "preferred" rate.  And why is that?  Because my credit score isn't high enough... and here's what the company has to say about that:

Note the negative information:  Fewer than two open accounts, no auto loans in the last ten years, no open accounts.  So lemmee get this straight... you live frugally, incur no debt, pay your bills on time, and hold on to your car for over ten years, yet your credit score is only at the 60th percentile?  Something's wrong with this picture!  Either that or there musta been some sort o' memo going around that I never received.  I believe we shall discuss this further with my insurance company... for all the good THAT will do.

So.  Today's GOML* moment... but the day is young and I've yet to run my errands.

Update, 1230 hrs:  Yup... it is what it is and Flo is VERY sorry but there's nothing she can do.  I availed myself of the opportunity to launch into a self-righteous rant about my claim history (non-existent, for the most part... except for when that blind bitch destroyed TGH's front-end for which I was NOT at fault), the fact I pay in full every renewal period, the fact I'm completely solvent and reliable, and last but not least that I love puppies, my Mom, and apple pie.  All for naught.  "We live in a credit-based society, Mr. Pennington.  Unfortunately."

Thanks, Flo.

* Get off my lawn!


  1. The US Gubbmint has trillions owed on an uncountable number of open accounts which gets it the top AAA credit rating. See how it works?

    Here in Oregon there was discussion of making it illegal to factor credit status into insurance pricing. Think it died in committee or something 'cuz I can't remember anything coming of it.

  2. Remember, Progressive is an extremely liberal company. If you are not living beyond your means, it must mean you are not a liberal, so they are looking to make you pay your "fair share".

    Think about it. What would credit history have to do with the claims you might make on insurance? Even if you were a poor payor, it would get them off the hook if you didn't pay and a claim event happens.

    They are a screwed up company because they let their ideology also influence their biddness decisions.

  3. I just had a run-in with the no longer my insurance company. They just wanted to charge me the premiums and ignore everything else.
    Now I have a new company and am saving about $400/yr.

  4. That should say charge premiums, make demands and ignore everything else.

  5. Inno: Yeah, I guess I should go borrow a trillion dollars and runa way to the Caymans. Or sumthin'.

    Ivan: Heh.

    Anon: Yeah, but Flo comes by every six months or so and gives me my loyalty reward. "Go, Big Money!!"

    Skip: I think I'm gonna look around, as well.

  6. Buck;
    I sell insurance for the largest Auto Insurer in the Nation. What Flo the liberal told you is true.

    Go to USAA and get your low cost insurance. I've been with them for the past 12 years and am very happy with the lower prices.

    Stick with Mutual Company insurers; They don't answer to sharehlders like Allstate, GEICO and Progressive.

  7. Definitely a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. I'd definitely spend the time and shop.

    heh, WV: stifug

  8. I guess I should clear up another detail. My bitch was about homeowners, not auto. I've had the same auto insurance since Johnson was POTUS.
    They weren't writing homeowners when we got the house. Now they're doing both and it appears my auto insurance is gonna reduce, too.
    I wonder if that works for renters policies?

  9. Don't forget that you kinda think those kittehs are cute, too.

  10. There is something about insurance talk that makes my eyes roll back in my head and my hair very blonde. It is the same with tax talk. I have nothing to contribute, but my hair will not have to be colored this month.

  11. Color me shocked. I'm with Barco Sin Vela II on this one. I'm surprised your not with USAA, Buck. Flo can go get bent.

  12. Correction, you're not with USAA. Moogie even had the T-shirt to remind me. Off to haze myself!

  13. Darryl & Anon: I tried to get with USAA years ago when they broadened their field of membership to include Enlisted Swine. I was turned down, something about my 22 years being outside of their "window." At the time. Lately I've been getting mailings from them, so we'll give it another shot.

    Don't forget that you kinda think those kittehs are cute, too.

    Dang!! I shoulda mentioned that!

    Lou: I'm glad to have done ya a favor. ;-)

  14. USAA is letting all the Honorably Discharged folks in. All about money, now. Not enough Officers.

  15. Oh yes, we have the same credit problem as you -- for exactly the same reasons. It steams my husband no end that he's penalized for being financially responsible.

    Thankfully, we've had everything insured with USAA for decades, and my husband adores the company. Check it out - you deserve better than Flo.

  16. Red: My father was with USAA nearly his whole life and both the boys are with 'em, too. It IS a fine company.

  17. That is friggin' amazing! I've been with State Farm since I was 16 years old, and have no idea whether they factor credit scores in to the rates. They've always been cheap, fast with claims, and pretty well own the Louisiana market. I do not know if insurers are allowed to factor in credit scores in Louisiana by law.

    Of course, our premiums are some of the highest in the nation because of a variety of factors (mostly the number of uninsured drivers...even though it's required). Plus, you've got huge DUI numbers, etc.

    But my two military sons are with USAA. I was surprised at how much cheaper it was for them than State Farm.

  18. I had State Farm auto and homeowners insurance once upon a time in the way-back but I never filed a claim with 'em... so I'm not in a position to judge.

    I HAVE filed a claim with Progressive, though... and was VERY pleased at the service and the terms. They really did knock themselves out for me when TGH was wounded.

  19. We've been with USAA, auto and homeowners, forever. And, Andy's right -- Louisiana rates are off the charts. But, the nice people who answer the phones will work with you to get you the best rates. They even let us show our cars as being "housed" in Arkansas after Katrina. Saved us a boatload of bucks.

    You're welcome, Anon.


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