Monday, August 29, 2011

Things That Kill

That would be hurricanes, Raptors, and kittehs.

First... hurricanes and Raptors.  I found this interesting (from the other usual source):
Air Force photo by A1C Kayla Newman
Langley Temporarily Lifts F-22 Grounding Order to Escape Hurricane: Air Force officials temporarily lifted the grounding of the F-22 Raptor fleet based at JB Langley-Eustis, Va., so the aircraft can avoid Hurricane Irene's wrath. The fighters, which have been grounded since May due to safety concerns over malfunctioning on-board oxygen-generation systems, started flying to Grissom ARB, Ind., around 10 a.m. Friday. They will be kept at Grissom until the storm clears and then will be authorized to fly back to Langley, where the grounding will once again take effect, Langley spokeswoman Monica Miller Rodgers told the Daily Report Friday morning. "This is a one-time flight authority to get out of the area affected by Irene," she said. The National Hurricane Center is predicting Irene will hit the Virginia area over the weekend, with winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. The 633rd Air Base Wing commander ordered all residents of the Heavier than Air and Lighter than Air housing areas, temporary lodging facilities, and the dormitories to evacuate no later than noon on Saturday, "provided they are non-mission essential," according to a release. All residents living off base were ordered to follow local evacuation guidance.
It makes sense to move your assets away from a hurricane but one wonders at what altitude the F-22s flew during the move, what with no on-board oxygen.  The flight covered a distance of about 700 miles or so... which is no big deal... but I'd guess they flew at no higher than 10,000 feet.  That would have made for a nice impromptu airshow for those in the flight path.

Apropos o' this... It sure is taking USAF a long time to "evaluate" those oxygen systems.


Kitteh update...  The useta-bee resident kittehs are closer to cats than kittens now and I don't see much of 'em.  They're also much more independent, meaning they don't stick close to Mom nor do they hang out as a group, so I can go for days without seein' any of the lil buggers as a result.  That said, one wandered into my field o' view during last night's After Dinner Whiskey Hour; here's a couple o' crappy cell-phone pics.

Said kitteh spent about ten minutes (I kid thee not) torturing a poor innocent moth... batting it around, pouncing on it, stalking it, yadda, yadda... before he/she/it finally killed the thing and ate it.  Yup, s/he ATE it.

Altogether now... (your favorite expression of disgust goes here).


  1. Altogether now... (your favorite expression of disgust goes here). None from me Buck, that's what cats do.

  2. You have to wonder if that cat will bother to do so again... eat it that is, as moths are not very tasty.

    The cat will still play with it, and torture it, but that is the true fun of the hunt.

  3. It is the one thing about cats I don't like - the torturing of their prey. It goes beyond disgust yet I know it is what they do. So I just ignore it. Cuz I love cats.

  4. Deb: Cats eat moths, as a rule? Yeccch.

    Anon: That was my point: eating the moth. I've watched a lot o' cats playing with their prey, that's natural and normal.

    Kris: I don't love cats, as you know. But they are amusing at times.

  5. The correct Tennessee response to cats...Heeer kitty, kitty, BOOM!

  6. I love it when my cats eat critters. It doesn't bother me a bit that they torture them for a while. Grasshoppers are a bit gross, but I hate them, so it's okay.

    Sheppard is having an air show on Oct 1-2. So said young handsome pilots.

  7. Spoken like a true country girl, Lou. Are ya gonna go to the air show?

  8. I hope to go to the air show. I might need to hug an airman or something.

  9. "...or something."

    That brought back a memory. To show how different men and women think, my girlfriend at the time was looking out the window, and said "get up, it's gorgeous outside. Let's go to the park, and maybe we can kiss behind a tree, or something."

    "Something" then crossed my mind, but I'm too much a prude for that, so I said "what do you mean 'or something'?"

    She said "we could share an ice cream cone!"

  10. "It sure is taking USAF a long time to "evaluate" those oxygen systems."

    Don't get me started!

    This year was a disaster designed and executed by Congress.

    I forget now, but wasn't it like May when they passed the budget that was supposed to start in October previous.

    My boss had a stack of projects in manila envelopes a foot high, by four rows across his desk. All of them waiting for funds.

    When Congress finally passed the budget, it still took till August to get them through base contracting.

    You can bet a lot of fraud waste and abuse occurred, as base contracting was trying to complete 10 months of work in 3 weeks.

    We are screwed unless we can find a way to get Americans to vote. Right now, less than 50% of eligible voters, actually vote. Thus we have people in Congress that have no business being there.


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