Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We put a deposit down on an apartment this afternoon... a place with two bedrooms (one of which will be my office), two baths, living room, kitchen, and service area... with stove, fridge, microwave, and washer/dryer furnished.  One of the better things about this apartment is it's new construction -- I'll be the first tenant, and how cool is that? 

Here are a few nasty phone pics:

 The kitchen, the sink goes in between the dark cabinets

 Two units of four apartments apiece.

 I'll be in the end unit on the left.

The view from the front yard... a big-ass empty lot which prolly won't be empty long.

There will be a carport in front of each unit, which explains the units' significant set-back from the street.  There's also a covered porch that runs along the length of the front of the buildings, with each unit's porch separated by a privacy wall.  That might be the location where Happy Hour takes place, but there's a downside to that.  I'll be right IN town once I move in here, so those brilliant night skies I experience in Darkness On The Edge o' Town (aka Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park) won't exist any longer.  Sigh... it's always sumthin', innit?

Oh... one more thing.  My move-in date is sometime around the middle of next month and no one is subsidizing my rent except me.  That's a good thing.


  1. Wow Buck - looks very good. Congratulations! And once again I have to say I am glad you are doing this.

  2. Looks like it'll be a very nice place, Buck. Good for you.

  3. Change can be very good, Buck. Congratulations!

  4. very nice, Buck! Are these in Golden Acres? I can imagine the fun you are going to have in the kitchen!

  5. Good going Buck.
    So you'll have "she-neighbors"?

  6. Looks like a real nice place, and being new like that is a big plus.

    I bet this will feel huge when compared to your current digs. Cozy is OK, but it can wear on you after a while.

    Best of luck with it all, I think you will be quite happy there.

  7. Kris, Barry, marc & Anon: Thank you ALL.

    marc: I have NO ideer who my neighbors are gonna be; I'll find out when I move in... and when they move in.

    Jenny: Not Golden Acres, but not far from there... the place is on West 17th and G. And yeah, I'm looking forward to cooking... I mean real cooking, as opposed to stove-top stuff and nuking... once again.

  8. Woops... omitted you, Christina. Thank you, too!

  9. Bitchin'!!!

    I like it. Much better than what I imagine "Golden Acres" to be.

    Ought to have some young blood, and hopefully females at that, as neighbors.

    Excellent choice!

  10. If you get a choice on washer and dryer, I bought a Samsung front loader last year and I love it.

    Gone are the days where you wait 10 minutes while it loads 50 gallons of water and swishes it around for an hour.

    These things are quiet (direct drive)! I always use the 24 minute wash mode, as mostly I don't need deep cleaning. It has a sanitize mode for towels that get me really nice smelling towels, but that mode takes an hour.

    Last point, I leave the door open on it after use, to let it air dry.

    Good luck!

  11. I hope that telephone pole next to the building is just a temporary thing. Doesn't add much to the decor. You just know some old geezer (I mean senior citizen) is going to pile into it :-)

    wv: weereck (see what I mean!)

  12. I know exactly where that is. Now I can deliver your baked Christmas goodies. Lol! Second everything the washer person said. I got an LG front load and matching dryer. It plays a happy song when each load is done. Makes me smile every time. Haha!

  13. So you think the bright lights of Portales will dim the brilliant night skies? Maybe, maybe not. I am glad you are moving into a "real" home. I think you will be much more comfy. And you will be able to entertain guests in style - not that RV Parks don't have a certain style.

  14. Congratulations - looks great!

  15. With all that space you'll be able to do laps in the living room. Good for you Buck, enjoy.

  16. Nothing like living in a new home. I love the smells of the carpet and fresh paint.

    Good luck in the new pad!

    w/v; Yachrin (Yep, I been Yachrin, hic!)

  17. No more frozen pipes!! What shall you be doing in the dead of winter!! Best of luck. As for me, I will be apartment hunting myself but way over in the town of Brno in the Czech Republic. My early reconisence, no new construction here, a lot of re-hab of a couple of hundered year old buildings. Time will tell.

    Good luck again,

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  18. This just sounds wonderful, Buck!! You'll be able to BAKE! And not have to send your laundry out! And won't have to worry about the awning in high winds!

    And we won't have to fret about you in freezing temps.

    And the GH will have her own shelter!! I also like that you have an end unit and no one overhead.

    Hooray for you! Keep the pics coming!

  19. Andy: The apartments at Golden Acres were pretty nice and it's an older neighborhood, with established trees. It's the trees I'm gonna miss at Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park, among other things.

    Washer Advice: I'm not gonna have any say in the matter. But I should, no?

    Jenny: You're SO sweet, Girl!

    So you think the bright lights of Portales will dim the brilliant night skies? Maybe, maybe not.

    Yeah, I do, Lou. I speak from experience here. It will be different to actually entertain again!

    Alison: Thank ya, Ma'am!

    Jimmy: Wanna trade places? ;-)

    Deb: Laps? You gotta be kidding! But I WILL get more exercise, seein' as how it's about six times further from the new couch to the fridge...

    Darryl: Yep, "new" always smells pretty good!

    Moogie: Dirty lil secret: I have NEVER used the oven in the RV. I think the not having to worry about freezing pipes is one of the best things about the move, too.

  20. Looks like they will be nice digs!

  21. Is that a bathroom at the end of the kitchen?

  22. Hey Buck,

    Now you'll be able to wave when I run by on my morning run! I've watched these units go up from scratch. Very nice ... I'm about five blocks from you now. Good Luck!


  23. Hey Brad, I'll bet Buck will probably just fall in step with you on your run, and get back in tip top shape in no time.

    Either that, or he'll offer you a beer.

  24. Glenn: I think the place will be good.

    Ivan: Nope; that's the laundry area.

    Brad: You can have a seat on the porch and share a cup when ya run by, provided I'm awake. Or, as Andy sez... stop in for a beer if it's in the evening.

    Andy: There's only ONE thing/circumstance that can get me to run, albeit not all that far before I collapse. Well, mebbe two things, now that I think on it.

  25. I will Buck. And you can come over and check out our backyard too. And Andy, Buck is welcome to run or drink beer, but the beer sounds better!


  26. Heh! Brad, back in the day when I was a marathoner, we had a saying.

    "We run so that we can eat pizza & drink beer."

    Funny thing, I later discovered that you could still enjoy the last two without the exertion of the first.


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